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We received an excited email from [Noah] regarding a gentleman who works with crossbows and crossbow pistols. Begrudgingly, we took a look and what we saw made our day. [TheDuckman666] must have an insatiable love for all things crossbow. His webpage has details and pictures covering seven different models that he built. His YouTube channel shows off three more models, all with magazines for multiple bolts.

Seeing the electrically-cocked, automatic projectile launchers wets our appetite, but we do wish there was more background info about the build process.

53 thoughts on “Fully-automatic Crossbow

  1. What a champion!
    I’d prefer it if it went:
    cock -> trigger -> fire -> cock…
    rather than
    trigger -> cock -> fire…
    I wonder why he chose to make it this way?
    Now if only crossbows weren’t even more illegal than guns here. :(

  2. awesome.. give this guy a time machine & a clock & he’ll do well in medievil europe..

    crossbow looks a little weak though, @ end u can see a definite arc of the arrows. Should that really happen with a crossbow. My 50# compound bow seems to shoot faster..

    oh yeh & a rockin’ soundtrack would have been cool, maybee some deathmetal, as well as a bit of cos/role play, the whiirrr, click, thunk got a bit repititious for me.

  3. Should maybe have a button for load then.

    The draw weight of the crossbow isn’t much, looking on his page he did manage to get it to 100lbs though which is good, but no where near as powerful as some crossbows

    This said I still want, no.. Need one.

  4. I hate to judge someone on first impressions…BUT…from the looks of this crazy proff…I would not trust him with a soldering iron :)

    Props to the maker, lets just hope the cops don’t find you, same category as a handgun in the UK.

  5. Jammin’ facial hair, dude.

    Also: 50 pound draw weight? I thought the point of crossbows were that they could have superhuman draw weights, since you used winches to cock them.

    Also: His site misrenders spectacularly in Firefox.

  6. Interesting, but totally useless. Low draw weight, yet heavy overall weight. And the bolt velocity was practically a crawl. As long as he’s never attacked by anything tougher the marshmallows, he’s all set.

  7. A truly weapons grade gentleman! Its guys like this that made a difference in the middle ages. Love it. Also prooving the British superority over other nations. Ohh other than the chinese empires.

  8. >”wets our appetite”

    That should be “whets our appetite”. I’m not a copy editor but I play one on the internets. ;)

    I’ve always wanted to make an auto crossbow. It’s damned cool that someone out there has done it.

  9. Hopefully he’ll finally catch something with it and EAT A MEAL. Poor Chap looks like he’s missed a good few meals in his day. Noah is his name? Hmmm maybe preparing for 2012. But we all know electronics will cease to operate after that…

  10. Tehgringe,

    I know. I ignore the spelling checker anyway. My rationale is that the original meaning has been lost. If one said “we need to establish internet access” then it’s almost certainly going to be taken to mean “the Internet.” Network geeks usually just call localized networks LANs and WANs nowadays.

    All cellular phones offer internet access, but not all offer Internet access. Most of us would almost certainly consider an ad which promoted the former as masquerading as the latter. Anyone suckered in by that would sue, and indubitably win.

    Anyway, it’s “it’s” not “its.” Your ball. ;)

  11. I’ll take three. One to display, one to play with and the last one to use after a furious hacking session to improve the second one. If he had a Gatlin-like set-up the way Van Helsing did, he could have been able to use a higher weight pull for the bolts.

  12. Nice weapon, but 50 dart shots and then need for newly charged bateries? It does not seem realy reliable to me. Much better are the windlass powered ancient greece/rome”polybolos”, ancient chineese lever powered “chu ko nu”, or pump action repeating crossbow on one of “wintage designs”. There is also new modern looking crossbows (cobra or python, or something like that name). It can be googled on youtube.

    Van Helsing’s FULLY AUTOMATIC crossbow is on whole different level. But really fully automatic crossbow is inefficient toy, because every way of non-manual automatic recocking used – gass, or electricity – cold be used for DIRECTLY propelling the projectile.

    – to the bottom line – if you are looking for weapon, which could be used at survival situations, shortage of newly charged bateries, or of functional gaspumps will be fatal. In non-survival situation, may be the crossbow archer simply shot by gunman, rifleman, or anybody else with gun-powder utilizing weapon.

    When there are troubles with “legal status” of repeating crossbow, one can go completely ilegal by utilizing explosive bolts… Then even bulletproof vest is ussless aginst this murderous combo. Con of it is fact, that fired explosive bolt canot be reused by any means.

    1. The reason he makes an automatic crossbow is that he is an archer having problem shooting a bow, not to use as self defense or “at survival situations”.
      The comparison one should make is to a bow which is hard or impossible to use with advanced arthritis.

      This is stated on his website BTW.

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