TI-nspire Hacked

The regulars at the United T1 forums keep them coming, this time hacking the Texas Instruments Nspire graphing calculator. We enjoy seeing the exploits that unlock the backend of these types of devices. The difference this time is that the hacking continues even though Texas Instruments has shown that it intends to protect the security of their devices using the DMCA. The Nspire thread linked above discusses the DMCA concerns just a bit but it seems obvious to us that running your own code falls under the umbrella of the act. The exploit package hasn’t yet been posted, but if you want it make sure you check back regularly before the take-down order comes in from TI.

[Thanks Iceman]

17 thoughts on “TI-nspire Hacked

  1. Back in school I had a Palm Color with 4 calc emulators, one made specifically for PDAs that could kick the crap out of Ti’s best. Touch screen + Multi-Color graphing powered by a multipurpose 20mhz cpu really drives home how pathetic graphing calcs really are.

    I could also run far more. I dont get why people buy those damn things. Mine was also cheaper.

    Too bad the digitizers shit the bed…

  2. Life2Death:
    At my school, and many others a TI calculator is the only calculator that a teacher will help you to use. So for a majority of people, there is no other option, because they are either too lazy to read the manual, or they don’t care.

    With most teachers, they’ll think that you are cheating if you don’t have a standard calculator. And most standardized tests either require a TI calculator, or has restrictions that make it hard to find any other calculator to use.

    But for the rest of the TI calculator owners out there, I don’t understand either.

  3. @Life2Death @Jonathan
    what you dont understand ? it freaking calculator, it suppose to be comfortable and easy. I and probably most people dont want to use PDA with stylus, navigate to program to do some quick calculations

  4. Its simple your a sophmore in High school and you convince your parents to buy you one for MATH CLASS. Its free!

    And back in the day my TI-89 was sweet I had ZTetris, Drug Wars, a racing game, and a Super Mario game WITH SOUND! I remember playing 2 Player comp ZTETRIS in Trig class with friends and a wire across two desks. That was in 1998 almost 12 years ago! I still have my TI89 & PC link that I made my self. I was HARD CORE back then.

  5. I’ll stick with my HP 50g for the big stuff like math tests and the like, Droid48 (an HP 48 emulator) on my Droid for quick calculations, and my first generation Casio FX260 solar for times when the phone or HP could get broken.

    I had a TI83+ for highschool/midleschool, worked well for tetris and frogger. Had to get something that could do matrice equasions with imaginary numbers for a college course, so I got an HP and have been hooked ever since.

    And yeah, there as a distinct favortisim towards TI in most schools….

  6. Regarding cease and desist letters, take-down notices and the like,
    How do you (Hackaday) handle baseless requests like those sent to others when the TI signing key was published.

    Surely with all the projects posted here, you guys get an occasional “legal” letter “ordering” you to remove references to something. How do you guys respond to those, especially when they have no real legal footing.

  7. lmao how are TI calcs “sub-par”? They do exactly what they’re designed to do and have an almost non-existent hardware OR firmware failure rate.

    Most people don’t care about the DMCA, what are you going to do with such a low power device running a custom ROM? It could of been reversed years ago, you’d have to add a whole nothor application board just to make it have non-calculator functionality, now you can do more in ‘real mode’ is all.

    I think when demoscene has even raped a device it’s safe to say their is little to be done with it afterwords. Why not go find something that hasn’t already ran every algorithm and solution is can?

  8. one of my friends in my drafting class was playing games on his nspire. he said he was part of the team that worked on this hack here. he said that the build is close to becoming stable enough to release… he was playing pokemon on it and i got to mess with it a little bit, this thing is pretty awesome, it runs at full speed i noticed no lag when it was in my hands.

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