PS3 exploit released

You can now download the exploit package for the PlayStation 3. [Geohot] just posted the code you need to pull off the exploit we told you about on Sunday, making it available on a “silver platter” with just a bit of explanation on how it works. He’s located a critical portion of the memory to attack. By allocating it, pointing a whole bunch of code at those addresses, then deallocating it he causes many calls to invalid addresses. At the same time as those invalid calls he “glitches” the memory bus using a button on his FPGA board to hold it low for 40ns. This trips up the hypervisor security and somehow allows read/write access to that section of memory. Gentleman and Ladies, start your hacking. We wish you the best of luck!

[Thanks Phileas]

53 thoughts on “PS3 exploit released

  1. OtherOS Supported on “3.21OO”

    thanks The only thing you have done for the scene so far is call attention to us by sony you fucking fuck, thanks.
    Further more i feel we should all sue your bitch ass because of this. You said dont update, most didnt, and nothing.
    I bet you sold out to sony and they showed you how to do what you did as an excuse to get rid of other os,
    Now i have to go buy a 2003 sony psx DVR just to hack it to learn about the xmbs original code before they tweaked it for the psp and the ps3. (thats a hint to you sony that we will succeed)
    Thanks buddy i do really thank you for all your hard work at fucking us.
    p.s. the pussy ass comments you leave on your face book lol, your not working on your ps3 your working on ms pac man on your ipad, and your going to Florida? lol thanks for leaving us hanging. see by calling out sony and getting are other os taken from us instead of turning us into hackers, you have most certainly turned us into a million potential ass woopings waiting to happen, see George, some of us were fine with are other os and the stuff we could do with it, now you have gone and ruined that, progress was coming along slowly but no you had to go and ruin it, See if i ever saw you in real life i might
    just knock all your teeth down your fucking throat… then again i might not.
    You have made alot of enemy’s by not following threw and we the people wont be forgetting very soon,
    your only way out is to do what you said you were going to do and finish it and vindicate your self.

  2. What I don’t understand in terms of pirating games is why people don’t just make an iso of the (blu-ray?) disc and share it on the internet? Or is there some other sort of protection against people doing this?

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