Hackaday Links: February 14, 2010


Is it art or is it a puzzle? Well, it functions as a game but it’s certainly a work of art and priced accordingly. The Superplexus was featured in Make Mazine and Hammacher Schlemmer sells it for thirty grand (you can’t just click to add it to your cart though). Think of the work that went into developing this! [via The Awesomer]

Rollable Display Update

[SeBsZ] continues work on his rollable display matrix. He’s got twenty five controller boards now and has them working as a matrix. We originally covered this in January but now it’s much easier to see how this can be made portable by mounting it on fabric or canvas. Check out the demo video if your interested.

Security testing suite

BackTrack 4 final has been released. If you didn’t like it when it was rough around the edges, you should give it another try. This lean and mean Linux ditro is made for security testing and is approachable for noob and pro alike. [Thanks Steve]

Power on the go

[Csae] uses this portable power center to fire up some studio strobes outside. It consists of a case, an uninterruptible power supply, and a couple of extension cords all hacked together into one. At first you might think this is a bit ghetto but it’s portable and it does what is intended.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Giving this LED-heart adorned shirt as a gift is sure to make your Valentine head for the hills. This project’s a few year’s old, but gawdy T-shirts never go out of style, right?

15 thoughts on “Hackaday Links: February 14, 2010

  1. Hmm backtrack linux, gonna try that one out, sound very interesting distro to play around. Maybe i`ll try to hack my home server and try to penetrate it to my submission!

    Oh where was i, trailed off a bit…

  2. “[Csae] uses this portable power center to fire up some studio strobes”

    Not sure if this is good for the UPS to fire up strobes… Is like hooking up a laser printer to UPS…

    But since it works, I guess is a hack. ;)

  3. Superplexus looks like an great puzzle.

    Interesting to note that the larger gimbled versions are not ‘solved’ even by their creator, this might be due to the fact that the movement of the sphere is more constrained than the smaller version.

  4. Typo: [Csae] should be [Case], who’s a good friend of mine. Alternatively he’s been wanting to trying to build own battery supply with builtin charger for his lights, this UPS was just a quick hack attempt ;-)

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