WRT54GL, Meet Alice

When it comes to routers, there is one that is hacker’s favorite, the WRT54GL. But a slightly lesser known company, Pirelli with their “Alice Gate2 plus Wi-Fi”, seems to be a popular choice among our Italian friends.

[Esteban] has done everything from installing serial and parallel ports, to unlocking firmware while installing Debian. Our personal favorite is the creative wiring of an additional USB port, where he had to custom create a power circuit to run his webcam and external drive.

[Thanks Marco]

[Update: It would appear Roleo, Beghiaro, and Zibri did the actual grunt work at ilpuntotecnicoeadsl and Esteban simply wrote the guides. Thanks for your hard work and hacking skills guys!]

22 thoughts on “WRT54GL, Meet Alice

  1. Uh this is a BLOG…people don’t expect the sources to be checked thoroughly…want proof look at our president the majority of the country drank that kool aid and had they “checked the sources” of the “journalists” that mixed it they would have known the truth

  2. The new fry’s routers look like they may have possibilities. There are other routers besides the linksys units that have been hardware and software hacked. My italian is a bit rusty and google does not do that good of job in translating the italian sites mentioned, though I muddled through them.

  3. [Update]
    I want to clarify some details about this hack.
    1. Beghiero and Zibri didn’t participate to this project.
    2. Roleo and me worked together to the second usb realization project.
    3. the “webcam on router” idea is only mine:

    However I don’t want to be simply “mentioned” as the author of this tutorial/guide, because I made effectively those hacks!!


  4. I think hacking is FREEDOM at any level for any category of it.
    Esteban improved the hack started by roleo and ‘the others’ and then he added more features like the awesome webcam with a really good work and all of the “hacking style”…so be happy not angry for this ;D
    We are all a big family!

    Happy Hacking 2 all.


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