Robots From Dolls

Here at Hackaday, we may be somewhat divided in our opinions of Anime and Manga. We were all pretty impressed by this robot build(translated) though. We’re not totally clear on who actually did this build, but we can see a few pictures and a video on the site. The original doll looks to be roughly 3 or 4 inches tall, judging by the Eeepc keyboard that it is standing on. We counted 7 servos stuffed into this thing with a controller board hiding in the back of its hair. You’ll have to watch the video to see most of the details. It looks like there is one in the head, one in each shoulder, both hip joints,  and both feet. Though the motion at the end of the video is limited, we still think it is impressive. Creepy, but impressive.

note: the video is not embedded in the translated version. Just go to the non translated to watch it.

[thanks Francesco]

20 thoughts on “Robots From Dolls

  1. Funnily enough ‘HoiHoi-san’ is, in the original manga, a tiny robot*. So, this is a robot model modified from a model of a robot. Very impressive microservo work, the creator’s blog is here:

    *meant for pest control after overuse of pesticides has made common pests resistant to them. Because all problems can be solved with sufficient application of robots. The whole concept is rather humorous, with competing companies programming their robots to covertly kill off other companies robots if used in the same household. The company that distributed the translated book appears to have gone under (or their website is just down), but you can probably still find it on Amazon or the like. Look for “Ichigeki Sacchu HoiHoi san”.

  2. This both awesome and cute at the same time.
    The first thing that came to mind seeing it in action was Rozen Maiden.
    I’d like have one styled like a Rozen Maiden doll or a doll styled like the ones Alice Margatroid from Touhou has.

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