Lawnbot 400: An Update To An Update

Driven by the relentless nagging encouragement of the Hackaday commenters, [Johndavid400] has improved the Lawnbot 400. No longer does it just sport a makeshift wooden shelf. he now has a wheel barrow attachment. It looks quite sturdy as long as that front hinge holds out. There is an actuator coming in the near future for dumping the contents as well. Also, we suspect that might be a shovel in this picture.

13 thoughts on “Lawnbot 400: An Update To An Update

  1. I would like to see it navigated itself, for both mowing and dumping. Through a combination of gps and accelerometers, or gps alone one could drive it thourgh a course, save the track/path, and automatically rerun it. If combines can harvest crops with 1/2″ row accuracy, this can mow the yard by itself. I think this is accomplished via gps with a correction by placing other devices at known points in the field. Just a thought…

  2. Driven (pun intended) in the relentless pursuit of perfection.

    I want one, since i have a lot of dirt to move in my yard.
    If he adds an actuator to it, he can back as he dumps and won’t have to do much in the way of spreading it out.

  3. Awesome project! But am I the only one that remembers the movie Maximum Overdrive from 86?

    My great grandad ran over himself on three separate occasions with the same lawnmower, third time they amputated the leg. Now, grated that was a 20 year old Snapper that had a significant pull to the left and he fell off all three times… If he had fallen to the right he’d have been fine.

    SO, if an un-automated lawn mower can go 3 for 3 with an 80-year old drunk and succeed. What possibilities of this thing?!?! I look forward to the results. Need to turn one loose on my HOA. rotten prudes all…

  4. Awesome idea. I’ve always wanted a remote-controlled lawnmower, and this guy did that plus it’s an earth-mover too. To me this only needs a handful of things to reach perfection:

    1) flashing hazard lights for when the mower is on.
    2) remote electric starter/stop for the mower
    3) alternator to recover power from the gas engine (hybrid mode I guess)
    4) some kind of bagging attachment that takes advantage of the wheelbarrow dump servo – mow and dump clippings all in one spot.

  5. Most likely a shovel in that photo, but the dude was definitely using a rake in the first video. A rake is the proper tool to quickly drag a loose load out of a truck bed. Not a garden rake, but a rake with a solid blade. GPS would be far out, but the typical consumer grade GPS doesn’t have the precision. At 3 meters any contraption will be like that bull in the China shop, ALMOST so anyway.

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