Lawnbot400 Saves Wheelbarrow Trips


We may be good at soldering but when it comes to hauling topsoil our scrawny arms quiver. [Johndavid400] did the smart thing here by letting the machine do all the work. Instead of hauling an entire truckload of dirt across the yard one wheelbarrow at a time, he built a shelf on the top of his Lawnbot400. We saw this lawnmower Arduino-powered, remote control mower back in November. The addition of its ability to handle some of the manual labor makes it the perfect backyard hack.

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22 thoughts on “Lawnbot400 Saves Wheelbarrow Trips

  1. Personally I would’ve just driven the truck down alongside the fence. Prop up a board between the plantboxes (or whatever it’s called in English) and the fence. Jump up on the truck and just chuck the soil over so it slides on the board.

    But hey, if it can be made more complicated AND fun, who am I to judge.

  2. I believe the first 58 seconds of this art film depicts the strife that man endures day in and day out never seeing an end until his life fills up with dirt – fini.

  3. What he needs is a shovel bot, to take the soil out of the truck. In my experience, that is the difficult part. Moving a wheelbarrow (there is 4 wheeled ones with a dumping feature) 30 feet is quite easy. Or get the camera guy to do some work, too.

    And he should use a shovel instead of a rake.

  4. This is stupid, and I like useless machines.

    Instead of spending 20 hours fabricating another machine that is a brick without gasoline-

    Dig up the fence posts, back the big gasoline machine in, leave some soil in the truck for the ruts(use shovel to fill ruts on the way out), repour the concrete fence posts at least 10 feet apart. Other option, slide in post on either side, larger diameter pipe in the concrete and just slide the post in.

    Done in one day, and no need for lifting soil, just dumping.

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