ZeroPlus logic cube modification

the folks over at OpenSchemes are at it again. This time they’ve cracked open a low end ZerPlus logic analyzer and modified it to function the same as the higher end model. The 16 channel version they purchased appeared to be fully capable of handling the 32 channels of the more expensive model. The installation of the additional components looks like it might be somewhat difficult, but it is certainly cheap.We love seeing things upgraded for cheap. You might recognize OpenSchemes from when they upgraded the DMM tweezers or hacked the USB serial adapters.

[via HackedGadgets]

128 thoughts on “ZeroPlus logic cube modification

  1. Hello for alls.
    I have got the 16128 i will like to modify for convert in 162000. my question is:
    – The eprom data will be ?: 0C12 7016 A5ff
    – And i change the RAM to 72M.


  2. Hi, I prefer to modify the USBPort.dll file, it is better because you can still use the Free protocols analyzer included (you have to choose them) with the 16032 SW..

  3. I just bought the device LAPC-16032 chip ZP322MC-5.
    ASIC inputs are shorted to ground. Cut the track on the reverse side.
    ASIC inputs have ceased to be shorted to ground, then an internal short-circuit in the chip is missing.
    Today I’m going to buy the components and solder an additional 16 inputs.
    USBPort.dll patch allows me to see any device up to 322 000.
    With paid protocols do not find anything. Help me, find out, please.

  4. Ordered my LAP-C(16032) from here last month:

    Just modified my LAP-C(16032) to add the 16 extra channels. The ASIC is the ZP322MC-5 with a manufacturer date of 0924 (work week 24 of 2009) and it was a success. First I cut the traced on the back of the board and measured to ground and found that they were no longer shorted so I ordered the parts to add in the extra 16 channels. The ASIC has 4 pins cut off and I still need to wire those up to make full use of the 4.5MB memory chip which is rated at 250MHz in this unit as well. The serial number would indicate this model was built in October of 2011 (1110). All I can do is verify that at this point, I was able to add on the extra 16-channels. I still have to wire up the 4 cut off pins to get full access to the memory but at this time the mod still works for me!

  5. I apologize for this recent post on such an old article but I have to thank everyone for all the comments and the article. I recently bought, mar 2013, a 16032 with last four of 0102 and with a ASIC model of 0924. I was able to upgrade a LAP-C 16032 to a 322000 just need to finish the memory upgrade. I was able to sand away part of the IC package to the cut pins and solder them to the traces so I will see if it all works when the memory comes in.

  6. HI all, I’m going to buy the LAPC-16032 and I would like to upgrade it to 162000, I need more ram but I do not need 32 channels.
    Can someone explain the procedure? What RAM IC should I buy?
    Do I need to patch the EEPROM or I can “simply” modify the DLL? if so, how Am I supposed to do that? What about the clock speed? 16032 is 100MHz device, 16128 or 16200 is 200Mhz device..Does the EEPROM hack increase the clock speed too?
    Thanks Stefano

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