Balancing Cube Looks More Like A Star


This art-meets-robot has the grueling task of standing on one foot all day long while other robots get to bend to their heart’s content. It balances on that single point by adjusting its center of gravity with six pendulum-like appendages. To make the system more like the Borg, each of those six modules shares sensor data with the rest and work together to keep the unit upright. Give in to loving the design because resistance is futile.

[Via BotJunkie]

23 thoughts on “Balancing Cube Looks More Like A Star

  1. Now attach a pencil to the tip and make it graph its movements. That’d be interesting.

    Also, how long until it finds the perfect balance? :D
    (I’m kidding, of course.)

  2. @ Sam
    Not that difficult, PID controllers don’t need that much tuning to get the overshoot small enough for you not to be able to see it from ~2m away…
    But yes, this is pretty cool.

  3. if the corners were roller bearings instead, i wonder if you could push it harder. it looks like it would handle a horizontal push fine but not so much an applied moment.

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