Stomp Box Synthesizer

[Brian McNamara] fed the output of his guitar pedal back into its input creating a looped synthesizer. He started with an effects pedal he made but now we think he’s ended up with an electronic stomp box. Check out the results in the video after the break. Now he needs to make the knobs foot-friendly so he can monkey with this while playing guitar.


8 thoughts on “Stomp Box Synthesizer

  1. plane sound @ 1:11

    that could be potentially awesome in some sort of electronic guitar solo :P

    although it looks like he had to “pop” it into making lots of noise. Perhaps it needed a little reverb-type input to start generating noises?

  2. Neat find! I had an autowah in college(that got stolen of course) , that was broken when I got it, and made some delightfully awful drones even when nothing was plugged in. I would also highly recommend a TurboRat. That and a household Yamaha PSR 220 were pretty much “the band” in my digital hardcore days.
    Cool find though man, take me back and inspires me to go tinkering with the keys tonight :)

  3. circuit bending is getting pretty lame. but this is kinda cool. although, i’m really getting sick of all the noise boxes. i say, do your homework and build real analog modules or even synths

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