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[Raizer04] just completed his PlayStation 2 portable build. He feels that the PS2 hardware has much more to offer than the PSP and that’s why he chose to cram the PS2 slim hardware into a portable case. He started with an electronic toy to serve as a case donor and used bondo to form openings for the controller, speakers, lights, and screen. A beautiful paint job and some metal work resulted in the pleasant finish seen above. On the back you’ll find a lighted case fan, hard drive, and USB port. There’s no optical drive as games are loaded from a thumb drive. Take a look at the demo video after the break, but do yourself a favor and turn your sound all the way down first.

If this doesn’t quench your thirst for portable console projects you might also take a look at this N64 build.


21 thoughts on “PlayStation 2 Portable

  1. Sony could take some bloody lessons from this kid… I will never understand why the PSPGo cost more than a PS3 (Not sure if that was the case for America, over here in Aus it was though…)

    @jirh The HDD is for the save games. Its much easier to mod the system to simply boot games from a USB than to also change the save functionality to save to USB…

    @therian Freedom of Speech does not include acts which impede upon the rights of others. Hate-inducement is included in this.
    If you want to test this theory out, drive out to Harlem, quote JamesX, and see who the law sides with once you get a beat down from the locals.

  2. Hahaha dude you are so creative!! And also it’s the USB Pendrive was the best, Lots of games without have to keep changing CD’s. Even though it’s a “little” bigger than a PSP, i would surely use that one thant PSP, i hope somebody buy it and start manufactiring it :D

  3. I have to award some points here for the clever removal of the optical drive and replacement with flash.

    Though looking at the finished product, it doesn’t appear he measured anything before he put the whole system together. Everything is asymmetrical, the screen doesn’t even appear to be in the center of the device. A little sloppy for something that would otherwise be a very impressive project.

  4. Running PS2 games from USB is rather bottlenecked, you have to be selective in which games you run from it as some will have unbearable loadtimes or outright crash or freeze at points. However, it’s definitely a suitable tradeoff in the name of battery life. Nice work.

  5. I didn’t hear or see anytthing about battery life. Or if it runs on batteries or a rechargeable pack (i think it does due to the lack of a power cord). Any info on that?

    Good work BTW!

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