Great Interactive LED Puzzle

The GLIP project takes the delight of blinking LEDs and combines it with the ingenuity of modular communications. This takes the Puzzlemation concept a few steps further. In that project the modules were programmed through a base station and could be removed and used as a puzzle from there. The GLIP project uses a master block that you can see tethered in the photo. But the blocks communicate with each other via an infrared protocol. This way they can be continuously updated as they are place next to each other. Each module includes an STM32F105 ARM Cortex-M3 processor, quite a punch for the little blocks. Take a look at what they can do after the break.


[Thanks Skappy]

13 thoughts on “Great Interactive LED Puzzle

  1. Aaaagh, please use some filter on those LEDS

    When did frosted leds become uncool? Seems like they are all miniature HID headlamps nowadays.

    Otherwise this is fantastic, maybe use square frosted LEDS and this would be a control interface. Throw in bluetooth for instantaneous communication, paired with the IR of course, and you can control a computer or use it to sort files.

  2. Sooooo awesome!Also @nubie I kinda like the brightness! (but to each his own)

    So many ideas come to mind with this project! There are so many cool games that could be played with this. I’m picturing custom beer games for parties with some friends. This would be great for sitting around a table and playing.

  3. I dont get the frosted led’s thing, yea they are not tinted but has ANYONE seen water clear led matrices? I havent, they are all frosted, and you can clearly see that in the image above

    What I cant figure out is how one makes a RGB “screen” that size without spending an arm (ugh that was a bad pun)

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