No Touch LED Lamp


This elegant looking lamp uses capacitance sensing to turn on and off. [Mikey77] takes us through the process of making the curved circuits and putting it all together. The circuit is built to be modular, so he could use it elsewhere. That’s a pretty good idea for someone who is always tossing projects together. As usual, schematics are available in the instructable. We love this design and would proudly use this at our office desk.

10 thoughts on “No Touch LED Lamp

  1. just make an apple category and be done with it…

    This is right before I am thinking of doing something similar. I have been planning mine for many months but it wouldn’t just be a plain white light. Not giving anything else away

  2. Out of curiosity I looked this one over (though possibly an IR photointerruption system would be easier and cheaper in this layout, the QT113 is listed as no-longer manufactured on farnell, anyone know of a replacement?

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