Robostool Follows You To Your Chair


[Steve] shares another project with us, this time a robotic foot stool. A Parallax Propeller micro controller, some linear actuators, servos, and a slew of sensors are enclosed in this vinyl covered cube. It has 3 modes, remote control, follow me (seen in the video above), and come to the beacon. This, along with [Steve]’s other creations make us think that his ultimate goal is to have a house full of servant bots eager to carry out every task that would pull him from his chair. That seems like a noble goal to us. You can download source code and schematics from his site. Join us after the break to see more pictures and videos of Robostool.


Here you can see the mode where Robostool comes to him. We’re curious how it knew which way to go.

Here is a picture of the internals.

[via HacknMod]

14 thoughts on “Robostool Follows You To Your Chair

  1. Wow! Lookit that! It’s almost useful! Seriously, though, nifty idea. Not sure its practicality, since my ottoman never goes far from the chair. I like how he uses the remote to switch it off at the end; with its mouth open, it looks like he’s giving it a treat. Smart, mobile furniture could be very useful in conference rooms/hotel rooms as well. A click of the switch, everything puts itself back. Come to think of it, it would be great for an 8-year-old’s room, too.

  2. must be nice when your mansion is so big you need to have your furniture follow you, but for the price of all that cool robotics, couldn’t you just get a footstool for each of your 7 living rooms?

  3. Robostool, wow, that title gave me a completly different idea! Anyway I like it but I would prefer if it sensed movement, followed movement and when the movement stopped it stopped, then put a pressure sensor on the top so it won’t run away when you put your feet up.

  4. this would be a good thing for my grandmother. it’d need to be set up so that when she goes to her seat it automatically docks in front of her. when she gets up, it moves out of the way to prevent her from tripping over it. hmm, maybe a seat sensor would be better in that scenario? would be a heck of a lot easier than a full-on robo-ottoman.

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