Free Laundry Redux

[Koala] was worried his pseudo smart card trick wouldn’t be considered a HackaDay worthy. We’re more worried the internet police will find this article and have us all tarred and feathered.

Jokes aside, it seems Laundromat owners sure aren’t learning. Long story short, using a Bus Pirate and a few techniques we’ve seen before for smart card hacking [Koala] is able to write whatever amount he needs onto his pseudo smart card; thus giving him a free load of laundry.

No Touch LED Lamp


This elegant looking lamp uses capacitance sensing to turn on and off. [Mikey77] takes us through the process of making the curved circuits and putting it all together. The circuit is built to be modular, so he could use it elsewhere. That’s a pretty good idea for someone who is always tossing projects together. As usual, schematics are available in the instructable. We love this design and would proudly use this at our office desk.

Robostool Follows You To Your Chair


[Steve] shares another project with us, this time a robotic foot stool. A¬†Parallax Propeller¬†micro controller, some linear actuators, servos, and a slew of sensors are enclosed in this vinyl covered cube. It has 3 modes, remote control, follow me (seen in the video above), and come to the beacon. This, along with [Steve]’s other creations make us think that his ultimate goal is to have a house full of servant bots eager to carry out every task that would pull him from his chair. That seems like a noble goal to us. You can download source code and schematics from his site. Join us after the break to see more pictures and videos of Robostool.

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