IPad Arcade Dock Has Hidden Projector

This iPad dock is a well-executed gaming accessory. [Linkreincarnate] used a Hori Wii fighting stick as the controller. In his hardware explanation he outlines several benefits of this choice including built-in support in most of the iPad emulators, as well as foregoing the need for a wired connection. Just above the controls there is a standard docking connector which holds the iPad in place and patches through the audio to some external speakers. But  that’s not all that is included in the build, the final touch is a pico projector that can be used if you want a larger gaming experience. Video of the hardware and a gaming demonstration can be found after the break.





18 thoughts on “IPad Arcade Dock Has Hidden Projector

  1. lol i don’t like mac but i think this is fine

    the only problem is that it’s not as cool as that ipad arcade april fools joke

    the ipad needs to just slide in, 6 buttons max, 4 would be better (what’s the point of playing the more advanced games if they’re laggy anyway)
    needs to be more compact and doesn’t need a projector

  2. I made a better looking mame arcade out of nothing but things I scavenged, two of them actually. Gave them away as xmas presents. The only thing I bought was the happs controls, everything else came out of the recycling centers bins at night.

    They were basically modeled after regular stand up jamma cabinets but scaled down to fit a 15″ monitor and I cut off the base just under the controls so it was perfect for a table top or coffee table.

    I see no point nor reason for this. But I guess the same could be said about some of the stuff I do as well.

  3. lol @eric, Sent from my iPhone.

    @M4CGYV3R, sixthed

    Maybe make a mame arcade box out of the new droid and use the hdmi out to connect to HDTV? That would be cool!

    iphone sucks!

    -Sent from my iPhone.

  4. Honestly I just cant see any logic in MacTards reasoning.
    Firs buying PORTABLE computer with least features to price ratio, adding to it all kinds crutches to overcome lack of standard I/O ports, and turn it into STATIONARY machine, while any desktop computer would be a better and cheaper choice. Isn’t hacking all about unleashing most power for the least possible cost?

  5. @therian

    What part of “dock” is unclear to you?


    If you’re running games not designed for a touch screen, and alternative input device is a good idea, no?

  6. @linkreincarnate Yes, we’re all cash in his revenue stream if we visit his site. This is good, because he’ll need all the help he can get after buying massively overpriced toy computers from apple.

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