WiiMote Accessibility Modifications

[Catea] has put some considerable effort into making a wiimote more accessible to people with physical disabilities. He started by extending the buttons out to much larger versions mounted on a lap tray. This makes playing games much easier for those that are lacking the fine motor skills to hit the buttons on the wiimote. This alone is a pretty substantial improvement, but [Catea] wanted to do more.

Taking the whole idea further, [Catea] published a second instructible where he outlines the process of adding two Arduinos and  Xbee modulse to make the external buttons wireless.

10 thoughts on “WiiMote Accessibility Modifications

  1. is there a moderator to remove these sorts of posts?

    I love the hack, I’ve lost one of my joints on my right thumb, and most console games I can’t play– I would love to come up with something to replace the analog sticks, but haven’t figured one out yet.

    1. @Olestra,
      yes, we’re here to moderate, I was just away from the computer for a little while.

      I think I recall seeing someone relocate one of the analog sticks to the bottom of the controller so that it could be controlled by pressing the controller down to your leg and moving the entire thing. This format would only make sense for someone with a thumb issue as it would still require fine motor skills.

  2. @terribledamage
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    We lucky to live at this time, it likely that in 20 years computer to brain interface will be perfect and crippled by ilness will get second chance

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