Mac Tablet Keeps The Look Of The Donor-Macbook

[Enigma-penguin] built a tablet computer out of a Core2Duo Macbook circa 2007. The battery exploded, damaging the case and a few components inside. But there was hope for a new life as a tablet computer. He removed the screen and tested to make sure the computer would still function without it by using the video out port.

Putting the whole thing back together as a tablet proved to have some headaches. He worked through problems caused by the addition of a touchscreen between the LCD and the bezel and made the connections work with the screen flipped. The finished product looks so good because the bezel has not been turned around like on other tablet builds. Instead, a viewing window was cut in what would have been the case behind the screen.

There’s a little more to be done yet. The black USB cable seen above is the connector for the touchscreen which he plans to internalize. The magnetic sleep sensor has been relocated to the headphone jack. Inserting a plug (no cord necessary) puts it to sleep for transport. There’s also an on screen keyboard and the ability to change the screen orientation from landscape to portrait. After the break we’ve embedded one of [Enigma-penguin’s] demonstrations.[youtube=]

[Thanks Stephen via Neowin and their Forums]

15 thoughts on “Mac Tablet Keeps The Look Of The Donor-Macbook

  1. once again proving that OSx works reasonably well when using ones finger as an input device. Im still trying to figure out how to make OSx recognise two or more cursors, thus allowing multitouch to run nativiley on OSx. Answers on a postcard!

  2. and why the is it always featured here when someone does a hack on apple products and rarely featured when its done on other stuff (like pcs) , they are same , the only difference is the os , that doesn’t mean that the apple products are locked with the most powerful glue on earth …….
    Edit:why the cant you edit comments here

  3. I don’t care what OS he used. Afterall, its only software, and can be changed / upgraded.
    I think the most important and well produced part of this project was the hardware itself. There was obviously a lot of thought put into it.

    I think that a custom case could be in order as a next step. Prob a CNC job.
    How would this hold up screen-scratch wise?

  4. For the record, Axiotron has been producing the “Modbook” since the release of the original polycarbonate Macbooks. Essentially a hi-res touchscreen, rotatable, on top of the original Macbook case. It’s expensive, but slick and very useful for artists. I’ve always wanted one but been hindered by the price.

    Two thumbs up to Enigma-Penguin for implementing a touchscreen by hand and making it look professional. Maybe one of these days I’ll set about duplicating his work.

  5. Great post mike.

    I am curious and some what fearful What caused the battery to “explode” and was this a high energy explosion, or was it just a typical battery expanding due to age .

    Great looking result. That usb cable should be no problem to handle.

  6. I am currently running a power book g4 laptop with the screen removed. works great! the few issues I had were relocating the bluetooth and wifi connectors, done creatively with zip ties, and the blind install. not recommended. at all. ever.

    The install dvd extends by default with no way to mirror, so
    using an external display does not help much (at all).
    I ended up plugging back in the display(the back light was just bad) and using a flashlight.

    I believe most if not all apple laptops can and will run with the main screen removed, Just hope to god you don’t have to reinstall.

  7. “Mac hacks more prominent than PC hacks? Really? Have a look to the right of the article:

    macs hacks (106)
    pcs hacks (275)”

    so hacks: 1mac/3pc but dont forget that there is 100 pc’s for every mac, so yes there is a bias

  8. ok , there is more pc hacks i agree , but why are they differentiated by mac hacks and pc hacks , i have even heard of people buying a mac just to say they have a mac , people, its just a software , there is no need to differentiate it from the pc
    and keep the competition to us websites , even countries richer than the us (yes there are) has only 2 retailers in a country and they sell those **** stuff for double the price
    signed – a frustrated guy

  9. @Addidis, it was a high energy explosion, the battery was just over 2 years old when it occurred. The explosion destroyed part of the keyboard, and apparently shook the dvd drive enough that it never worked again after.

    Overall guys this hack cost me $50 Aud (for the screen) and a little time. If you have an old laptop mac, a dremmel and some time I highly suggest it.

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