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We know you just got a links post a couple hours ago, but more people tipped us off to some great Halloween stuff and we just couldn’t wait.

[Michael] came up with this fantastic idea for a flying ghost. He’s using a twin prop tilt rotor design to fly his ghost all over the neighborhood. It has a camera mounted on board and the footage is both fascinating and, toward the end, quite funny. Nothing beats chasing children down the street in first person from a flying ghost.

[Trey] wrote in to show off his 47 foot wide spider.  He made it himself out of black painters plastic that he heat welded together using a heat gun. In the video you can see his victim, a dummy mounted on a salvaged rotissierie.

[Floe] has been thinking about this one for quite some time. He finally decided to build his flame throwing jack-o-lantern, a concept we approve of. Using two servos, one to start a pilot light and one to spray a travel deodorant, it is pretty simple. He used a ceramic jack-o-lantern so it would be sturdy enough, and marginally less flammable.

Here’s a safer Jack-o-lantern for you. [Paul] wrote in to show us his LED synchronized Jack-o-lanterns. While they may not be ground breaking, we just love seeing that logo out in the wild. Maybe we’re just egotistical, maybe those toothpicks just brought back fond memories. Why didn’t we ever run that Jack-0-lantern carving contest? Oh well, maybe next year. You can see a video of it in action after we get it uploaded correctly to our youtube channel.

12 thoughts on “Even More Halloween Links

  1. Are there more details on making the 47 foot wide spider? Or at least a good link to how to weld this type of plastic for air filled use?

    I was playing around with painters plastic room cover to make a hovercraft and figuring how to weld it together properly would be of great use. Google search is all over the place when searching for this kind of welding.

  2. @tom61 The welding was pretty simple. Just line the pieces of plastic up with each other, then blast them with the heat gun until they melt together. The seams are the strongest when you melt them about 1 inch from the edge of each layer. I used the type of gun that uses an air compressor instead of a built in blower with a fairly fine tip. It’s very similar to the plastic welding gun available at harbor freight.

  3. @Trey I never encountered a hot air gun like that before. It makes much more sense now that I don’t have an image of an industrial hair dryer style gun trying to do the welding.

  4. for the flame throwing pumpkin which type igniter did you use?? and where did you get it?? im trying to build a flame thrower that is built into a glove. kind of like the pyro in the xman movie. so far i have it completed but i still have to light it initially with a hand held lighter. if you could let me know how you kept the flame going at a low rate that would be great too. thanks :D

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