Mechanical Mustache Envy

While this mechanical mustache isn’t made for a Halloween costume, it certainly looks like part of one. Copper clad, brass, cable, and a few other bits come together in a similar style to tension based hands; the piece is then worn much like a Mardi Gras mask. To complete the rustic “old tyme” look [John] was after, the copper was tarnished using the vapor from a vinegar and salt solution. The finished assembly is steam punk delicious, but we’re saddened by the lack of steam punk eye brows to complete the look (or steam punk mutton chops, or steam punk goatee, or…)

[via Boing Boing]

8 thoughts on “Mechanical Mustache Envy

  1. @UltimateJim. Andrew Meant “come in Guys” Grammar critics ALWAYS proof read before they click on the sbmit button correct Andrew? ;) Anyway that misstep was bound to happen sooner or later. Stupid spell checkers never know what we meant to say.
    My impression is that bacl in the day exposed brass, copper was kept polished to a degree it would be called anal today. I would think to be true to the era the metal should shine, not artificially antique the metal. This reminds me that I have and old fire extinguisher to turn into a lamp before Christmas. I guess it would be steam punk, as the patina of the years will be kept intact.

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