Your Mobile Phone, Now With 100% More RFID

More and more today, it is becoming harder to avoid having some sort of RFID tag in your wallet. [bunnie], of bunnie:studios decided to ease the clutter (and wireless interference) in his wallet by transplanting the RFID chip from one of his subway cards into his mobile phone. Rather than the tedious and possibly impossible task of yanking out the whole antenna, he instead pulled the antenna of a much more accessible wristband with an RFID chip of similar frequency instead. Nothing too technical in this hack, just a great idea and some steady handiwork. We recommend you try this out on a card you haven’t filled yet, just in case.

15 thoughts on “Your Mobile Phone, Now With 100% More RFID

  1. @Bob

    The posted image might give people the wrong impression on this one. If you look at the write-up, bunnie shows how to remove the RFID chip from the card and attach it to a larger antenna from a different RFID tag.

    It isn’t the most complicated hack on the site, but the images and description of grafting a new antenna on an RFID chip is pretty interesting.

    1. Usually you can claim to have “lost” your transit card, and get another for free/minimal cost. Just use the spare in case of that, and implant the RFID from the other into your hand/phone :)

  2. Is it really so much harder to get a card out than it is to get a phone out? Or are we all glued to our phones these days, so it gets in the way of extracting a card from a pocket?

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