Lifehacker’s Top Ten Of 2010

The end is near and Lifehacker is looking back on their favorite how-to articles from 2010. We found at least half of these interesting, including the hidden HTPC, lockpicking, and micro-TV-b-gone showcased in the image above. But you can also find tips on using your WRT54G router, stacking malted beverages, and making things glow through chemistry. If your heart goes out to our plague carrying house-mates there’s a no-kill mouse trap. They’ve even included a hack to add a USB port to your car… an article which we covered back in 2009. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Lifehacker’s Top Ten Of 2010

  1. I’m curious in regards to the glowing thing, can you make things glow electrically or chemically but in the IR region? I mean without being hot, the RC kind of IR frequencies, I’m pretty sure you have stuff that glows in the UV regions but is there stuff that works the other way in the IR regions too?
    I ask because it would be nice to have a way to put out messages to cameras (photo and CCTV) that you don’t see with the naked eye, but to do that you’d need to have large lettering and a IR diode would not do.
    Although I guess you could make a projector with an IR laserdiode that projects on the floor or wall near you.

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