Add explosive power to your hi-five

It’s been a while since there was any advances made in the field if celebratory high-five-ing. [Eli Skipp] just finished her contribution, moving the art forward by adding the sound of explosions to her high-fives. Ignore the audio sync problems in the video after the break to see her Arduino and Wave Shield based offering. It uses a flex sensor to detect a high-five and has a bit of software filtering to avoid misfires when moving your hand or setting it down on a flat surface. It may look a bit ridiculous right now because of the bulk, but we could see a sleeker, cheaper version hitting toy and novelty stores everywhere.

Less useful than a sign-language translating glove, but easier to code and some would say more fun too.

58 thoughts on “Add explosive power to your hi-five

  1. Honestly…
    For a bunch of ‘hackers’ you people sure are narrow.

    Who cares if she has a septum piercing.
    I’m sure shes not interested in what a bunch of old field tools think either way.

  2. you could make into just a little box that could fit in your pocket and it would only respond to the ultrasonic frequency using an ultrasonic microphone.
    Or has anyone heard of that device were you clap your hands and the lights turn on you could use that too…. ^_^ 73 to everyone out there and nice hack!!!

  3. Eli: You’re clearly smart enough to know a knuckle-dragger when you read one, so please do not let the small minority of guys who “compensate” for their “shortcomings” with demeaning comments dissuade you from the intellectual thrill of DIY projects.

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