Add Explosive Power To Your Hi-five

It’s been a while since there was any advances made in the field if celebratory high-five-ing. [Eli Skipp] just finished her contribution, moving the art forward by adding the sound of explosions to her high-fives. Ignore the audio sync problems in the video after the break to see her Arduino and Wave Shield based offering. It uses a flex sensor to detect a high-five and has a bit of software filtering to avoid misfires when moving your hand or setting it down on a flat surface. It may look a bit ridiculous right now because of the bulk, but we could see a sleeker, cheaper version hitting toy and novelty stores everywhere.

Less useful than a sign-language translating glove, but easier to code and some would say more fun too.


58 thoughts on “Add Explosive Power To Your Hi-five

  1. That glove is massive, and in my opinion slightly over the top.

    Personally I would have used a small 8 pin micro (ATiny, PIC12F509) connected to a small Piezo transducer.

    Use the Piezo as an input (microphone style) and filter out any noise so it only responds to the frequency of two hands slapping together. When detected, multi purpose the Piezo as a sound generating device and play a loud rasp (or whatever).

    You could power the circuit from a small watch cell style battery and have the whole thing in a package the size you could wear as a ring on your finger.

    Just my opinion..

  2. Neat project. It could be a big hit at a superbowl party, the NCAA final four, or maybe at league night at the bowling alley.

    My suggestion is to ditch the nose ring when you try to sell that to the toy corps.

  3. If the sound loop can be made small enough or generated you can store it in flash and push it out to a spi DAC. A fiend of mine did a similar thing.

    With regards to the accelerometer requiring filtering. Maybe giving an adaptive filter like a kalman and then peak detection on the filtered signal might work. Could be a good excuse to play with adaptive filters :-)

  4. I was thinking the same thing as smoker dave and cut through stuff guy. Everyone is gung ho to use micro controllers these days, but I don’t see the need here. It’s a simple triggering circuit.

    Just get one of the stupid voice recording greeting cards, record your sound and then trigger it. With some analog circuitry, like the venerable 555!

    What would be cool to do is use your hand/body as a resistive sensor so when your bare hand comes in contact with something it makes the sound. No idea how to do this, but it sounds plausible :)

  5. Woah, nice thing. But an arduino looks a bit too big for the purpose. some attiny would be somewhat smaller. And could be housed in a proper 3d-printed glove. However, this one looks… hmm… kind-of stylish. I recall they call it cyberpunk.

  6. What’s wrong with the geek girls today with the rings in the nose/lip? We used to put rings like that (and I’m not joking) to the pig’s snout so they don’t break the pig house. Same with Lady Ada, she is pretty, she is smart but she have a f**ing ring in her snout. I really hope that this stupid craze will go away soon. BTW, that’s a nice high-fives glove! Thanks for the video.

  7. Capacitive sensor behind a glove. Touch any conductive object (like another hand) and it would trigger. I use them in all sorts of things but the ones I use are HUGE and would not fit in a glove. Think 4 – 5″ long, 1.25″ in diameter.

  8. on the next page she says she couldn’t do it without her friends… I want to help on the next project. :)

    this looks like an interesting idea. after the sound gets annoying maybe add a capacitive touch that generates a tone based on capacitance of whats touched (size/composition of object) and a temp sensor (danger). strap it to a prosthetic arm or give it to a diabetic with numb hands.

    could I get someone to measure the resistance/capacitance of an egg then squeeze it without breaking it to see if they change?

  9. The septum piercing is a divining rod to quickly identify sexist aggressive closed minded geeks. No high five for you and that is your loss!

    I like to see how people make things to their own requirements and materials. I am inspired by seeing works in progress and finished items. Armchair engineering very rarely shows me a new idea. I don’t know any makers who go around telling other makers how they did something was wrong. They are simply too busy and know that there is nothing to be gained other than a hollow self congratulation and others thinking you are an asp.

  10. I don’t know, I feel pretty lame when I give a high-five to begin with. Just kidding, it’s a fun concept. Maybe next Fourth of July, get a little wireless connection going along with some model rocket igniters and make something actually explode! That is, if it’s legal in your area or whatever. It’s not, btw.

  11. Soooo… let me get this straight. Because, of a chromosomal difference, her project is no longer judged on it’s creativeness or functionality, but by her physical appearance. No wonder net neutrality died yesterday, if one were to judge it on comments like these, why would you want to save it?

  12. God girl, talk geeky to me <3

    Err, okay, now that that's out of my system, yea, definite overkill on the equipment. Remember the DIYLife msp430 audio project? 50 cent chip, microsd card + adaptor + speaker (and power of course). Could all be done for about 5 bucks, on the expensive end.

    She does a great job explaining everything in a CLEAR and CONCISE manner though, which anyone submitting to HaD should learn.

    I wonder how many proposals she received once the video was uploaded :D

  13. Wow. Get a grip…or a girlfriend…or a life.

    Woman builds a cool thing = person builds a cool thing.

    Duh? Hello…2010?

    This person’s project is pretty cool, but it is a little over the top for what’s being sought.
    Like any hack, if the stuff was laying around, and it all came together and worked (or at least proved a concept) then IT’S ALL GOOD.

    I see folks at work doing the exploding knucks and this is merely an extension of the fun.

    You go…person! :D

  14. Twitter/Skipp:
    “The small quantity of men who manage to be absolute pigs are overwhelmingly overrepresented on”

    Can’t wait to see the smaller version. Add a flash perhaps?

  15. yea it’s pretty weaksauce. If a guy had posted it, people would be flaming it to hell and back, but everyone is being PC so as not to scare the girls away. Protip: you still live in your mom’s basement, no matter how nice you are to girls on the internet :)

    Seriously. ARDUINO USED FOR A FILTERED BUTTON. Can I get my arduino-controlled flashlight that takes input from a switch and turns on a LED posted on HAD tomorrow?

  16. @Aleks Clark
    “PC” is a term used by people to whine about how they can’t be openly sexist/racist/ableist/etc. unlike back “in the good old days” (the unspoken subtext: when women were subservient and minorities knew their place)

    That said, you’re a fucking tool. Please kindly GTFO along with the others.

  17. What, so now you’re not even going to try to defend it as a hack? Can you find any OTHER cause that it’s not getting “ARDUINO GTFO”‘d?

    Protip: being nice just because it’s a girl is also sexist. In fact, because it’s a more subtle form of oppression, it’s actually worse! Think about it, don’t just pull the IWK kneejerk response.

  18. I am still treying to figure out whats cooler of this post. The man vs girl flamewar of the the hack it self.

    On topic:
    Its an cool idea by a nice looking girl. But to be fare, a ardiuno for all of that? that is a bit overkill in my eyes.

    I would say, don’t be scared of from some of the comments, keep up the work. but try to get rid of the arduino for these small tasks.

  19. The fact that these comments got Eli Skipp to tweet, “The small quantity of men who manage to be absolute pigs are overwhelmingly overrepresented on” makes me feel truly shameful.

    We all slip and say the wrong thing sometimes, but some people *never* have anything good to say.

    I know you guys don’t walk down the street making sexist remarks to women. If you did, you’d probably get your ass kicked pretty regularly, and deserve it. Saying it from the safety of the internet is pretty cowardly.

    I’m nowhere near perfect, so sorry for getting all preachy. It would be a horrible thing if women were afraid to be featured on HaD. I wouldn’t want to be part of something like that.

  20. That’s quite neat, you can get an audio module that plays mp3s fron an SD/SDHC card, controllable through TTL serial and can address up to almost 3000 individual mp3s, for $10 – (they will get more in stock, they keep running out) Google TDB380 for the proper pdf datasheet.

    You could re-create that hi-five glove using that
    module with a suitable miniature audio amp, accelermoter & microcontroller. Different sounds could be played depending on how hard the clap is.

    Also you could add flex sensors to tell when your index finger is straight but the others are clenched, then when you trip the accelerometer by thrusting your hand forwards in a gun shape, make a *pew* *pew* laser sound :)

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