Disguise Your Acura NSX As A Ferrari F50

We know what you’re thinking. “I have this Acura NSX, but my friends just won’t think I’m cool unless I have a Ferrari F50.” You know what? You’re right. To save yourself from that kind of ridicule, you can simply carry out a ridiculous body mod to make your poor NSX live up to your friends expectations. It only took massive amounts of fiberglass, foam, and bondo to get this NSX looking the way the guy wanted it. We have to wonder if there was any performance hit with the additional weight, then again, he may have removed enough metal panels to compensate.  While we may joke about it, we really do have some respect for the amount of work he put into this thing. The finished job is simply amazing, in terms of reproduction of the original. Kudos crazy car modder guy.

61 thoughts on “Disguise Your Acura NSX As A Ferrari F50

  1. The NSX’s body is all aluminum, so I doubt removing any of the panels would result in much (if any) weight loss..

    End of the day, this ‘hack’ is all about looks and nothing about performance which is a massive FAIL in my book.

  2. Bud Light Presents: Real Men of Genius.
    We salute you Mr. Crazy Car Modder Guy
    (crazy car modder guy)
    You think nothing of taking a decent vehicle that may have already cost a pretty penny, and ruining it with fiberglass add-ons held on by sheet metal screws and duct tape. (those stickers make it go faster)
    Yes, master of the muffler, that tin-can that makes your car now sound like a psychotic lawn-mower. (annoy the neighbors!)
    Crack open a Bud Light and enjoy it fast and furiously. And remember, don’t drink and drive.
    (Mr. Crazy Car Modder Guy)

  3. I’ve seen this type of crap before with (I think) pontiacs made to look like ferraris. It was stupid back then, its still stupid now.

    That NSX was an amazing car before this chop job.

  4. Seriously? That nsx WAS as much of a classic as the Ferrari is, now it is neither classic, nor desirable. I will say that it came out well though, I have respect for the work that was done, just not the choice to do it.

  5. buying a ferrari because it looks like a ferrari is a spit in enzo ferrari’s face (his own words)
    making a car that drives like a golf cart and making it look like a ferrari is like kicking him in the balls XD (not so much his own words XD)

  6. And this modification should make it .. better? I don’t have opinion about nsx but among the long line of European supercars (and even Ferraris) the F50 is ugly as hell.
    Maybe it’s good target for a replica build because there’s so much room for errors :D

  7. okay,
    I understand why some people here are talking about it being a shame. But OMG.. this is sweet. If he’d done this with a real ugly car (geo metro or something) it would be more than awesome!

    It sure proves that you can make everything out of some foam and fiberglass..

  8. reminds my of the southpark episode where the devil wants a ferrari cake for his party

    this guy should do ferari ripoff kits for acuras, so more people can enjoy te benefits of ruining their cars

  9. @Techrat, I literally LMAO reading what you wrote. Absolutely hilarious.

    I can appreciate the work that the owner put into this and he did a great job at it.

    I personally would find this as a waste of time and effort, but to each his own…right?

  10. Give this guy major creds for execution, but take away even more for being a total douchebag.
    The NSX is possibly even a better performer than the F50.
    He could have entertained most people if he had just swap off the Honda emblems for some Ferrari livery.
    Not looking forward to his Corvette to Viper project.

  11. WTF, hackaday, people have been doing this forever. I remember seeing a fiero converted to a “ferrari” almost 15 years ago, and it wasn’t a new thing then.

    Fail, fail, fail. You guys never cease to find something ancient that has been done a thousand times over, and then speak of it like it’s something new and remotely exciting.

  12. So sad. An NSX is such a cool car, even if it was somewhat slower than expected when it came out. To do this to a classic is a shame, when affordable “supercars” are only getting rarer.

  13. I’m shocked how many people don’t understand how much higher performance an F50 is to an NSX.

    That said, car replicas kind of suck, especially when the base is a good car — should have used a Fiero.

  14. for all of you who hate ricers, good luck finding better quality, except perhaps in a german car. dont you so called “hackers” have even a clue where most of your technology comes from?

    as for the body work, im not a fan of ferrari, but nice build

  15. To caleb,

    People that have problems with ricers don’t have problems with the base level car. Honda Civics, Acura NSXs, etc, these are not bad cars. They are also not ricers. It’s when people bolt on XTREEEEEME mufflers, wings, body kits, and other silly add-ons, that they fall into the domain of ricers, and also the domain of being made fun of incessantly.

  16. i admire the sheer amount of custom work involved in something like this but WHY an NSX, with the money that car cost by its self (typically well north of 20 grand iirc)you could have built a custom tube chassis and the whole nine yards. made something REALLY special, not a hacked up super-honda.

  17. i wish i could edit my posts, so i wouldn’t have to triple-post when i decide to say something more, but i would find it much more amusing if someone were to put all this work into making an old&busted (jalopy) car look good. start off with any wrecked car, be it a pinto, tempo/topaz, chevy lum-lum (lumina), taurus/sable.. maybe even a truck, although you would most likely be destroying all the usefulness of having a truck bed, strip it down to the frame and build a supercar body on it, so it is the exact opposite of a sleeper. low performance on the inside, high performance on the outside. the obvious next choice is to sell it on eBay for a tempting low price, like starting off at $0.01. ??? Profit!
    get a dodge viper and a dodge stealth, swap bodies.. OK even if it is just for looks, i commend this (crazy modder guy) for the amount of work involved, all that work done just for teh lulz. that’s why i would do it. people see a fast looking car, want to race, then beat you, while you lol

  18. There is no denying that the work put in is awesome. To have it come out looking clean is just a wonderful thing.

    That said, I agree with everyone and would NOT wreck an NSX like this.

  19. @solex
    agreed. i should have clarified, i have issues your typical “rice burners” as well. i wish theyd stop falling apart on the highway infront of me.. however i have been fortunate to witness and experience what some proper tun
    ing and mods can do to a 3000 dollar japanese four-banger.

    my apologies if my grammer is a bit off, i have a new baby.. and i should be sleeping

  20. I hope this gets someone laid. I’m sure there’s people who don’t know what an NSX is that would be impressed by a Fauxarri. This isn’t for the people who know better…this isn’t for driving pleasure. Left the same feeling in my gut as finding a Sinistar converted to a Arkanoid…

  21. I never liked automotive dress-up. I would be proud to own an NSX. Wouldn’t compare it to arcade conversions either since that’s a functional change, not just cosmetic. Arcade conversion kits are/were the norm in the industry.

  22. More money than sense but not enough to get an F50, the NSX is a great car – don’t spoil it with fibreglass.

    That said, the execution of the cosmetics is great and while im a function over form person I can see the skill involved. Still, makes the car slower and it’s still “not an F50”.

  23. At least when the Fiero guys do it they put serious, nearly professional effort into the car AND start with a car that isn’t worth a damn thing to nearly anyone anyways.

    Ive seen some very professionally done Fiero conversions, complete with very powerful supercharged 3800 motors or even small block V8s in them putting down some healthy performance.

    This… this is a mockery of an NSX.

    Granted, the end result looks great and probably does a pretty good job in terms of performance. Regardless… thats like taking a 69 Camaro and turning it into a tornado tank.

  24. For th3 h4t3rz…

    These pictures are from Japan… and mind you… NSX are still quite easy to find and really far from expensive. The lack of bootspace and easy access to R32-33-34 Nissan GTR don’t even make them really interesting.

    Sure if you are in a country where they were not even officially available it look like a crime… But in its home market… It’s better than rusting unsold in the parking of a used car selling outlet… I live in a crappy harbour town, and there are few unsold for month now in different showrooms. Even 2nd hand Renaults sells faster…

  25. I know it’s rice, but this kind of rice deserves some respect imo.

    It’s not your run of the mill bolted-on-bodykit-that’s-still-primered and I can’t see any fart-cans.

    And the end result is beautiful.

  26. Poseur.

    Real NSX projects are the turbos at 500HP or the 650HP twin turbo on a 2,999 pound car.

    If you want to see a car hack check out how easy it is to increase the turbo boost on VW, Hundai or Buick turbos.

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