Disguise your Acura NSX as a Ferrari F50

We know what you’re thinking. “I have this Acura NSX, but my friends just won’t think I’m cool unless I have a Ferrari F50.” You know what? You’re right. To save yourself from that kind of ridicule, you can simply carry out a ridiculous body mod to make your poor NSX live up to your friends expectations. It only took massive amounts of fiberglass, foam, and bondo to get this NSX looking the way the guy wanted it. We have to wonder if there was any performance hit with the additional weight, then again, he may have removed enough metal panels to compensate.  While we may joke about it, we really do have some respect for the amount of work he put into this thing. The finished job is simply amazing, in terms of reproduction of the original. Kudos crazy car modder guy.

61 thoughts on “Disguise your Acura NSX as a Ferrari F50

  1. couple of thoughts:
    1. Great initiative on that guy – it takes quite an effort to do such a thing.
    2. the F50 is one of the best ferraris ever, so disguising an NSX as one is a bit dull for me. It just says – “I can’t buy a real car so I’ll build a knock off instead”. It would be far more impressive to see some original design.
    3. the NSX is no F50, but it’s quite a respectable car by it’s own right. Not many cars have Ayrton Senna help with their development after all… so this is trying to make a great car into something even better and ruining both …

  2. No it doesn’t deserve respect. It’s a pretend Ferrari. Just because something requires a lot of work doesn’t mean it gets kudos. Perhaps some thinking beforehand would have been a benefit. So there will be a weird looking F50 running around (fakes never look quite right) and will sound like an integra with a dumbass muffler. I’m not an NSX fan in the least but this is pretty sad for the car. I love the comment from the guy above who said the NSK is better than any “Farrari” ever made. I miss the days when people would look to supercars from companies that could barely chuck out a hunk of super machinery and turn a profit.

  3. Love hackaday, but most of the guys on here should stick to electronics and gadgets and not comment on a vehicles. The NSX is not cool car. The NSX was a over priced piece of crap back when it came out and its still a piece of crap, just like the crap that Lexus wants to sell for $450,000 LOL! No Acura or any other Asian vehicle comes close to a Ferrari’s performance. So to the ricers on this board or just to the morons who have no clue what performance is…STFU!!

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