Bringing an LCD viewfinder back to life

[Foobarbob] posted a pretty simple job of bringing an LCD viewfinder back to life. He doesn’t specify what was wrong, but since he replaced the backlight, we’re guessing that was the main issue.  It was pulled off of a JVC camcorder. The camcorders with LCD viewfinders are getting more and more common at garage sales, so we’re surprised we don’t see more of these used. [Foobarbob] cracked it open, traced out the power lines and replaced the backlight with an LED and a makeshift diffuser made from a bottle cap. His results look great, we could see this being perfect for an HMD, or possibly a home made VR helmet.

7 thoughts on “Bringing an LCD viewfinder back to life

  1. I’ve been looking for an LCD viewfinder like this in order to make a compact infrared night-vision device (as opposed to a bulky CRT). Seeing this post gives me hope that I might be able to pump analog video into such a viewfinder without having to reverse-engineer the chip (which is something I would be totally unable to do). Hopefully, I’ll be able to score some suitable hardware at a thrift store or something.

  2. I recently gutted my Canon Powershot A80, which I managed to fry after replacing its defective CCD. Among some other parts I kept the LCD, but sadly I’m not experienced enough to trace the pins on the connector. Can’t find any documentation on neither the controller nor the LCD itself. Has anyone here done anything with LCDs from older Powershots or similar?

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