Play Unreleased Retro Games On The Real Thing

Star Fox, one of the greatest 3D space shooters ever developed, has a pretty decent fan base even after eighteen or so years. It had a sequel that was 99% complete, but it came very late in the Super Nintendo’s life and it was held off so that the next great Star Fox would be on the newest Nintendo console, the N64.

You could get the Japanese version, which aside from a couple debug routines, is complete, and you could play it on an emulator. While emulators are fine for most of us, anyone who has played a game on the real metal can quickly and easily pick out minor nuances.

Since playing Star Fox 2 on the real hardware is not a simple trip to the flea market, [Doug] went about ripping apart an old SNES cart and placing a eprom inside with the data from the game. Through that 8 page forum post you can see the project start, progress through different constructions, and result in 3 fully working carts, complete with custom labels.

Join us after the break for a quick video.


17 thoughts on “Play Unreleased Retro Games On The Real Thing

  1. If it was never released then how can we legally obtain the rom? Not to be that guy, I am just curious is all. Also great work man, I am not all that much of a Star Fox fan, but a buddy of mine is, and I am sure he will be glad to see this.

  2. Exactly, The poor company that made StarFox II is losing billions of dollars a second every time someone plays it! Why wont anyone think of these poor people!

    Oh wait, the arguments against Piracy on retro consoles dont stand up.. WE need to ignore that as we must protect the precious corporations!

  3. lol the corperations? nintendo let them invest a ton of money into the development of this game then just dropped it like it was a loosing lottery ticket. Im sure the developers would rather people enjoy their game than just have it forgotten

  4. oh im not saying i did it first and uhh cutthroughstuffguy there is no emulator that plays this game well they all run way too fast. M that cart used a stunt race fx board the one i just finished used a winter gold fx a cart that noone has been able to run the final english version of the game on

  5. @CutThroughStuffGuy: And I Disagree with you. (Hey, if you don’t provide any arguments why the heck should I?)

    I totally respect the hack, but being an SNES lover, I’m curious: is the tototek Super Flash cart any different?

    I was never too sure how the whole superFX chip thing worked with the super flash cart, I’m guessing it might not work.

    I dream of one day doing what tototek did and putting ram and an FPGA on an snes board with the superFX chip.

  6. Here’s my question. I can do everything in this mod, including a clean chip install instead of a nest of wires, but the one thing I lack is the writer. Is it possible to find the rom already on a chip somewhere??

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