Lego Technic Super 8 Movie Projector


It always blows our mind to see the things that people dream up when playing with Lego. Given enough time, you could likely replicate almost any mechanical device with the right amount and type of blocks.

[Friedemann Wachsmuth] recently wrapped up construction on a very impressive Super-8 movie projector with the help of his friend [Kalle]. The projector is fully functional, and is made completely from Lego aside from the reel spindles, the lens, and the lamp. As you can see in the video below the projector plays the film quite well, and even though it is only lit using an LED flashlight, it’s more than bright enough to get the job done.

The projector boasts automatic film feeding, a 24 fps framerate, as well as fast rewind capabilities – all provided by just two small Lego Technic motors.

You really need to watch the video to appreciate how much work went into this projector – it’s amazing.

[via RetroThing]

[vimeo w=470]

17 thoughts on “Lego Technic Super 8 Movie Projector

  1. @zool a LED flashlight is being used as the light source. Id like to have seen more details on the shutter, and how it all was put in, and kept in sync. A interesting project in the end.

  2. This has advantages over a real super-8 projector, the LED won’t melt your film if it gets stuck, and you can rebuild it to take 16mm or 35mm. But if you want to really impress us make an IMAX projector out of lego! :)

  3. @hirudinea i thik thats not to do the film is to big and must be compleet flat on a big licht to maak a big picture i think you set your house o fire from the heat or you get blind i see it 1 time on discovery how imax work the amezing part of the projector the lens off the projector is a smole 1.5cm bol lens to make the big halfround picture

  4. Really, really nice homage to what now basically amounts to ancient tech. Extra props for making your own claw.

    About that melting thing – what exactly have you people been using, celluloid film or what? I never had a problem with film melting (sure, I’m not leaving it to just sit there all day if it stops, duh…) Now, film _tearing_ is a whole different beast, that used to happen all the time; you needed a gluing bench if you ever wanted to use the projector…

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