PS3 Controller Spoofing Advancing With Leaps And Bounds

Development has been progessing quite nicely on [Matlo’s] PlayStation 3 controller spoofing project. This is a package that allows you to identify a PC as a PS3 controller. We know what you’re thinking: why would you want to do that? When we originally looked in on the project about a year ago we mentioned that this allows you to use any Linux-friendly peripheral as a PS3 controller. In the clip embedded below you’ll see that nothing beats a good keyboard and gaming mouse when it comes to first-person shooters. [Matlo’s] solution not only allows you to use alternative control hardware, but there’s almost unlimited configurability.

And speaking of configuration, he’s done a ton of work on the GUI. After the initial package installation no terminal typing needs to be done to get the system configured. Once in place, you can set the MAC address of a Bluetooth dongle to spoof the address of your SixAxis controller. From there you can set up the button mapping, calibrate mouse hardware and the like, and even program macros (fantastic). Now go out and pwn everyone at deathmatch now that the PlayStation Network is back up and running.


26 thoughts on “PS3 Controller Spoofing Advancing With Leaps And Bounds

  1. finally a reason to consider a console. I still probably wont get one because my (albeit ageing) PC still outdoes consoles hardware wise, but when i go to friends at least now i have a fighting chance :) Now time to prove keyboard+mouse > controler

  2. Does this suffer from limited velocity like the old Xbox stuff? As an example, on a pc, the view shifts as quickly as you can move the mouse. On some implementations of mouse to joystick mapping, there is an upper limit on how quickly the view will rotate. This was due to the limit on how far you can move the joystick to the side. ie if you move the mouse really fast to the right, the view could never rotate faster than joystick-maximum-right would do. Thanks.

  3. This is sweet but it’ll be a problem for fair competition. People using controllers will get destroyed by the mouse/keyboard users and there’s probably no way to verify if someone is using a controller. Perhaps some aspect of joystick movement could be checked, like moving the joystick in a smooth circle since a motion like that would be nearly impossible to replicate on a mouse.

    @Colecago: the best software that I’ve used is MotionInJoy. It’s not great but it works, it makes the PS3 controller show as a DirectX input device.

  4. @keenox: Most game developers don’t support mouse and keyboard, which is really stupid. The PS3 supports it but the games have to explicitly support it for it to be used in a game.

  5. hmm… this has got me thinking of a hardware emulator (possibly concept) that replaced the DVD drive in a 360 with a hard drive enclosure w/ hard drive, that had disc images on it.

    From what I remember it has a lcd and scroll buttons that let the user select the image. Once selected it would load the image, and from the 360 point of view, a disc would have been inserted.

    anyone else remember this? or have a link?

  6. FINALLY! all the fun of a pc with all the identity theft of a ps3!
    think your safe after the update?
    think again

    @Taylor Cox
    microsoft games learned the hard way that pc gamers are 50-80% better with there cloud “bridged” gaming project
    simple facts, more buttons, faster aiming with mouse, more precise aiming, quicker reflexes, better graphics, better AI, higher definitions, quicker team speaking over text and many more factors microsoft claims that cloud gaming is imposable with current consoles :P

    and besides the PS3 uses a graphics card i had in 2008 2 cards ago XP

  7. Hey! Here’s a novel idea! Why not learn to play the games using the same controller that all of your competitors are using, rather than spending time finding ways to win more easily without actually improving your abilities?

    I hope Sony finds a way to detect this sort of cheating and bricks all of your consoles.

  8. @CG

    “I hope Sony finds a way to detect this sort of cheating and bricks all of your consoles.”

    I thought I paid for my ps3? Don’t I own it? Sure, I shouldn’t be able to use my mouse and keyboard on PSN (if its ever up again), but why should Sony have the power to destroy something that is mine?

  9. @CG

    Don’t be pissed off just because game controllers suck for FPS… why should we try to learn to use some crappy controller so we can suck at the game?

    Mouse\keyboard and PC in general is superior, as BiOzZ said.

    If you don’t like sucking at FPS games, get a PC.

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