Followup: Portable SID Player Is Now PC Output

When we first covered [Markus]’ portable SID player we starting dreaming about an alternative universe circa 1987 that included a pocket-sized music player called the Commodore ePod. [Markus]’ updated firmware that connects his SID player to a PC will have to do for now, we suppose.

The new firmware boots the Portable SID player as either a standalone device, or a ‘Network SID Device’. The portable SID player can now operate as the output device for either Acid 64 or GoatTracker. Now, [Markus]’ SID player has the same feature set as a HardSID, or the long-forgotten SID Card.

[Markus] can play 40,000 SID chiptunes and can access all of them a lot easier than he could with the jog wheel on the original build. The new firmware is cycle-exact, meaning the sounds coming out of this SID player would be exactly the same as if they were played on a C64. We’d love to build one of these ([Markus] made the entire project open source), but gutting a C64 for the required SID just seems wrong. There are other ways to acquire a SID, though.

Check out the demo of the Network SID Device below.


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