Adding Video Out To The Open Pandora

There’s very few users out there who actually have their hands on an Open Pandora Console. But the ones who do might find this hack useful for getting TV out up and running. It’s actually not hard at all, but if you don’t want to alter the hardware on the device you’ll first have to find a cable plug that will fit the EXT jack. This proved more difficult than it needed to be, since TI carries the connector but only sells them in multiples of 2200. A group buy was organized and we’d bet you can still get in on that action.

The connector in question carries TVout1 and TVout2 conductors. These correspond to the Luminance and Chrominance signals needed for the S-video protocol. But [MarkoeZ] wanted to use a composite connection. Turns out that’s not hard either, he hooked up the ground from the plug to the ground of the RCA jack, then connected both video lines to the center conductor, making sure to add an inline 470pf capacitor on the Chrominance side. Check out the demo video embedded after the break to see the final product.


[Thanks RBZ]

29 thoughts on “Adding Video Out To The Open Pandora

  1. The reason why I don’t have my hands on an openpandora is because its wifi performance sucks, the hw developers don’t care about it, it’s closed hardware and they increased the price significantly recently. (And also, for quite some time it even looked like it won’t ever ship to anyone anyway)

    I wonder why are you so suprised that noone has it ;)

  2. Ebay banned these devices because they could be used to pirate games…I think thats idiotic. Laptops,desktops and even mobile phones can now play roms. Are they going to ban them as well?

  3. “This is a worthy investment for anyone who enjoys portable gaming.”

    I assume you were speaking of the android phone…because this thing is a piece of junk that is eclipsed by netbooks that cost $200 less (and you don’t need to group buy a cable for crummy analog output; the netbooks come with HDMI output)

  4. ^^That^^

    When it was announced, specced and planned, it was great, but with delay after delay (not, by any means, all their fault) it’s been overtaken and outprced by much newer kit.

    At this point, the only reason I’m still in the line for one is that it’s already been paid for.

  5. ^

    Yeah, of course. And those Android phones/netbooks are killed by every calculator that costs even less.

    Only thing: Android phones and netbooks aren’t (just) calculators.
    And so the pandora isn’t a netbook. Comparing those both is plain stupid, because they have complete different purposes.

  6. To all those people saying a smart phone is a suitable substitute for a Pandora, what are the gaming controls like on your phone? I haven’t seen any phone (including the Xperia Play) that has better gaming controls than the Pandora built in. Perhaps you have found one, if so please share.

  7. The Pandora actually isn’t very expensive if you consider they only produce a couple thousands, obviously it will cost more than your shiny new Sony device of which millions exist.
    A smart phone also is no substitution, not only because it has no proper gaming controls/keyboard, but also because a phone is made by some multinational giant who is only out for profit and gives a sh*t about you as long as you buy his stuff. This is different with the Pandora, you can talk to EvilDragon, CraigX etc. on the boards and they actually care about you.

    But in the end it really just depends on what you want, some prefer the Panda, some an iPhone or Android.

  8. Wow, just found out my video got posted here. Pretty nice for a quick recording, initially only for the board members.

    About the Pandora: If you are the type that enjoys messing with your electronics, you will probably like it.
    If you want to receive it, insert a card, and play a game, it’s probably not for you.

    You either like it, or you don’t. So please stop the endless discussions… Please…

    All comes down to what you like, and/or need from a pocketable device.

    1. Nothing is black or white. Saying “you either like it or you don’t” ‘… so please stop talking about it.’ is kind of pointless. Props for the video though. What *kind* of connector is it btw? I have a feeling it’s going to take another year *after* my Pandora shows up before I get the video cable.

  9. Open Pandora fail…
    How many years how, and the makers of the units still haven’t ship to all it’s customers. Better yet shipping units meant for original pre-order customers that ordered years ago, but instead they get sold to new people who are willing to pay more for them. Or how about using that pre-order money to help them make another product like icontrol pad…

  10. “Please, tell me of a similarly-specced device with dual analog sticks, d-pad & a keyboard. There’s a VERY short list of devices that meet that criteria.”

    For $300 you can get a netbook with windows and bluetooth…for another $60 you can get a DS3 to work with it (or for $20 you can get a wide selection of gamepads that work by USB). If you actually care about controls, why settle for the controls on the Pandora? They might be better than iphone, droid, or even xperia play controls, but that isn’t saying much.

  11. @KillerBug It’s a little bulky but my Pandora does fit in my pocket as a fully-contained device. My netbook needs a bag. Pulling out a netbook & balancing it on my lap isn’t always practical when I’m on the bus in peak-hour traffic.. Especially when it’s standing room only.

    My netbook is definitely better suited for general computing, but it’s hardly better for portable emulated gaming. As someone who owns both, if I’m in the mood for oldschool gaming I’ll reach for my Pandora.

  12. I’m a First Batcher. Mine costed me around 250€, and I LOVE IT. No doubt manufacturing process of the device is a complete failure, but the device is rock solid, fits in a pocket, has perfect gaming controls for most games, battery easily lasts for 10 REAL hours and its really powerful for a device of its size and battery life (search Quake II and Quake III videos for example).

    It’s a pity this device didn’t come out two years ago as it was expected at first, because now it’s a good device, but two years ago this would seriously kicked asses.

  13. @koomi: there’s a big difference between ‘they care about you’ and ‘they respond to your posts’. I think in the case of openpandora developers, it’s just the latter.

  14. I own one of the classic pandoras and I would have to say after buying mine used from my friend for 150$ which is to include the new lcd cable that was installed already that this device is probably one of the coolest hand held gadgets i’ve come across. It isnt like a laptop where you have to sit down and put it on your lap or a table, you can simply stand up and all you need is 2 hands. It has qwerty keyboard so I can document my time and information into it as im a contractor on the go which this device is excellent for that if your always on the go and being portable, keyword here is Portable and when your done with it to grab some tools in your hands all you do is chuck it back into your pocket. It’s awesome to play games and surfing the web too as well when you have some extra free time. I would have to say that I am much pleased with the pandora.

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