3D Printed Turtle Shell Racers Bring Mario Kart To Life


Every once in awhile a project comes along that makes us say, this is why we want a 3D printer!”

[Skimbal] is pretty well known in 3D printing circles for the incredibly detailed designs he has put out in the past. This time around, his focus is on motoring, Mario Kart style.

His Turtle Shell Racers are ripped right out of the Mario Kart series of games, and are built in the form of the multi-colored turtle shells with which most of us have a love/hate relationship. Constructed atop cheap RC trucks, the Shell Racers require 20-some odd printed parts apiece, but looking at the final results we think the time and money spent would be well worth it.

After watching the videos below, we think you’ll agree that these things look like a blast to play with. The Shell Racers were actually so impressive that they managed to land [Skimbal] a permanent gig with MakerBot Industries.

If you want to try making a set of your own, there are extensively detailed build instructions and all the STL files you can shake a stick at over at Thingiverse.



13 thoughts on “3D Printed Turtle Shell Racers Bring Mario Kart To Life

    1. Actually, I was going to on my Etsy, but it was posted under a non-commercial license.

      Unfortunately, this means that unless the original creator decides to print and sell them, you will need a printer to play with it :/. Sorry!

  1. police cars should have these equipped some one should make a video of a car letting one of these loose might need a system to send them off on the bottom of the car and might want a high performance rc car maybe a lil gas powered one.

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