Programming The Kinect To Work With Android

The Kinect has been hacked for many purposes, but this Android implementation tutorial is the first we’ve heard of it being used on a mobile phone platform. Although not a finished product at this point, [Raymond’s] tutorial is a good starting point for those wanting to experiment with fusing these two technologies.

The Kinect programming for this tutorial has been done with the Tegra Ventana development kit for Android 3.0. An Ubuntu-Linux installation is used, but this technique should be portable to any Linux system according to the author.

The procedure given is pretty straightforward, and the author even provides an example of the results in a video after the break. It’s interesting to note that, when connected, the Kinect is seen as two devices, “Xbox NUI Camera” and “Xbox NUI audio”. We look forward to new hacks to come out for this device, possibly using this set of tools.


For another related hack, check out this robotic skeleton controlled with the Kinect.

7 thoughts on “Programming The Kinect To Work With Android

  1. Hello .. I know this isn’t on topic, I’m looking for a way to connect usb devices to android. Would it be possible to use other attachments.. I’m new to any type of hacking yet I’m very open to suggestions … Is there any tools you would recommend to get me on the right path towards my goal.. thanks in advanced :)

    1. If your Android device is capable of USB-OTG (most new devices are, I believe), then you just spend a few bucks on an OTG cable and that’s it. Google that for your answer.

      I realize I’m replying to something over a year old. But there you go.

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