Raspberry Pi Might Not Be Vaporware

When we first covered the Raspberry Pi, we secretly wondered if the project might become vaporware. It looks like the tiny, full-fledged computer might actually be produced with the announcement of alpha boards in the Raspberry Pi HQ.

In the announcement of the Raspberry Pi last May, the board was about the size of a USB thumb drive and would cost $25. It looks like the board will be a little larger in the final revision – about the size of a business card – and production of the alpha boards were a bit over cost. That being said, these boards seem a lot more capable than what we’ve seen before. The Raspberry Pi now has 10/100 ethernet, and analog audio and video while keeping the HDMI, USB, and SD card support we saw in the original.

The Raspberry Pi team already has Debian running on these boards, so right now we’re wondering when gumstix boards will come down in price. Of course, this project is intended for use in education, but we can’t wait to see what can be done with this hardware. If you already know what you would do with this, tell us in the comments.

73 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi Might Not Be Vaporware

  1. I’d love to see this using a battery power supply and possibly a wifi hotspot (with GSM/GPRS, i guess) to make a portable Siri Proxy!

    If not, then I’m sure it could be used to make a dedicated Siri proxy anyway :)

  2. Well the first 10 Raspberry Pi’s are on e-bay, commanding silly money – but it’s all for chastity.

    According to the website they have the makings for the first 10,000 and they’ll be on sale very soon – Form an orderly queue now please.

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