Singing House Lights Up Halloween Again This Year

[KJ92508] is flooding the neighborhood with light again this year. Everyone knows of that one house in town that really goes all out, but few put on a show anything like this one. The four Jack-o’-lantern faces lead the way with the opening sequence from A Nightmare Before Christmas. Each has at least four different mouth poses, and two eye orientations which are surprisingly well synchronized with the audio. The image above shows mostly orange lighting, but the home is outfitted with addressable RGB LEDs for a full color performance. In fact, it has seen an upgrade this year, increasing the channels by eight-fold to 1144! Don’t miss the performance which we’ve embedded after the break.

We had considered not featuring this, since we looked in on the same home last year. But the number of tips that rolled in made us think that a lot of you missed it, or are just delighted by the multitude of blinky lights. Either way, it’s worth the four minutes out of your day– it will either put a smile on your face, or make you glad not to live across the street from this guy.


19 thoughts on “Singing House Lights Up Halloween Again This Year

  1. Nice work. On can close the drapes, and not see the lights. Any outdoor audio could be tolerable on Halloween evening, but hopefully they are using a low power radio transmitter for the evenings leading up to that night. This is likely to draw a lot of kids, they may need a truck load of candy. Not the cheap stuff either, because those disappointed my just cart off part of the display

  2. Thats a VERY expensive setup. This guy used Light-O-Rama and the RGB strips would thus be LOR’s “Cosmic Color Ribbon” which goes for $250/15ft. I like to make my Christmas light controllers myself but programming is then a huge PITA.

  3. You had me at blinking lights, I love it.

    Would even be more awesome with some DMX moving head fixtures for some beam action.

    Anyway, is there somewhere a behind-the-scenes page or video where we see the stuff he uses, how he cabled it and so on?

  4. I am guessing that he gets a crowd and puts on this performance. What about when there isn’t a crowd? If it was me I would just display some of the lights at low level with random blinking and random faces. Maybe with wind and ghost like sounds.

  5. I read the light O rama comments. But does anyone know if this is just someone with money that purchased a product or something he created or modified himself ?.. I’ve seen some wonderful stuff in NYC Brooklyn during the holidays but it was always obvious if it was a person with cash to burn or homemade stuff.

    When do we see the guy make this with an Audrino.. hehe

    1. Amazing as this is, I have the feeling that this was sponsored by Lightorama to get a mention in the video comments.

      I’d love to see someone try this with [Your Micro Of Choice] and [Your Wireless Standard Of Choice].

  6. I’m not looking to bash this, but this video from a different youtube user looks very similar. Who is copying who ?

    I feel this sort of undermines what so many people work so hard to figure out for themselves. Its impressive but I don’t think hackaday worthy. The guy says he hand made the faces but if you read the comments in that youtube video so did that guy and he mentions the forums on lightorama that helps you out. Just seems like he went with a popular face that already had information out there to work with. Its more copy and setting up sequence then actual creation.

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