Preparing For The Zombie Apocalypse

Every reasonable person prepares for the future. Whether it’s matching your employer’s 401k contributions, making sure you have bread and milk before a snow storm, or saving for your kid’s college fund, planning for the future gives you a comfortable life. [Gord] has exceptional foresight; he build an awesome Louisville Decapitron for the upcoming zombie apocalypse.

It’s an urban legend that a bullet to the brain will stop a zombie. Instantaneous trepanation is devastating in the living, but we’re talking about the undead here. A melee weapon is what you’re after, and you’ve got to cut off the head. [Gord] based his project around a Louisville Slugger. The blade is a 20 inch long piece of plasma cut mild steel. It’s just a prototype to get the balance figured out; the final version will be done in carbon steel.

The tang of the blade fits into two notches in the bat. The blade is secured with two custom fabricated spacers that are perpendicular to the blade. We’re not quite sure of the nomenclature of the resulting weapon (it’s some type of battle axe, we’re sure), but we couldn’t think of a better way to decapitate the undead.

30 thoughts on “Preparing For The Zombie Apocalypse

  1. This thing is liable to take one of your own limbs off with the way the blade comes down and a lack of length of the bat unless you’re holding relatively close to the blade tang.

  2. Looks like you haven’t played any zombie games in the last 10 years. Especially apparent in Left for Dead and in Resident Evil(the zombie ones), but once they are within arms length, you are pretty much screwed. Definitely need something with a little more range. Unless of course your travelin’ with me, i’d be happy to let ya’ try out your melee weapons while we’re under attack (bait is the best weapon).

  3. I can think of a better way. Bastard Sword. far more effective than a all for show giant blade and bat that will be heavy as hell and get stuck.

    a bastard sword will cut through clean with a “pop” as the head comes off.

    Using this weapon will turn you into zombie bait as you have to swing, stop, swing, stop, swing, stop… while a good old medival double edge sword can swing,and swing,and swing without any pauses to remove it from the body or change direction.

  4. I am so damn tired of zombies. It’s a hilarious weapon, and it makes we want to build something like that, but as soon as I saw zombie I said “ugh.”

    Also, needs more spikes.

  5. Now you see there is no reason to be hating on the “ZSlugger” (Zombie Slugger)The “ZS” Is in it’s prototype stage right now. The ZSlugger has many different ways that it can be used that you might not know about. Not only can it be swung like a base ball bat but the opening in the blade is intented for the user to be able to use two hands to push and slice their way through the zombie herds. The blade on the firts prototype also has the top hooked design to be able to swing in an upwards direction through the zombies jaw in to the the brain killing it instantly. There are a couple different blade ideas, a hammer faced bottom attachment meant for busting in doors and zombie heads, and also the handle will most likely be finised off with a nice old school hemp rope rap for the proper grip and badass affect. We are looking in to getting a working prototype that can be tested before it is to late…

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