Dad Hacks Cerebral Palsy, Upgrades Son’s Lifestyle

[Jorge]’s son was born in 2004 after a troubling time in the womb. The son, [Ivo], wasn’t getting enough oxygen and unfortunately developed cerebral palsy. [Jorge] took it upon himself to improve his son’s life, so he got busy building some machinery for physical therapy. Today, [Ivo] is able to walk very well without the need for braces or other aids.

[Ivo] has a form of CP called Spastic quadriplegia. With [Ivo]’s disorder, his skeletal muscles are always tight meaning he’s nearly unable to walk. This can be treated with muscle relaxants such as Botox (yes, that Botox), but [Jorge] wanted to help out with his son’s physical therapy.

[Jorge] began preparing for [Ivo]’s physical therapy by building a “tripod” for him. This allows [Ivo] to stand while taking part in physical activities like ping-pong and golf. The second phase of the training was a modification to a cross-country skiing/elliptical trainer that allowed [Ivo] to practice walking. Today, [Ivo] is happily walking very well, a testament to his dad’s wishes that he has somewhat normal life. Some aluminum tubing helped, but we’re pinning this one on his dad.

44 thoughts on “Dad Hacks Cerebral Palsy, Upgrades Son’s Lifestyle

    1. Yep he needs to install a laser on his sons head! :) Nah, seriously this guy is an awsome dad, not all dads can do this for there kids but I’m sure they wish they could, this boy is lucky his father can.

  1. This is the most beautiful hack I’ve seen to date. The science, the determination and commitment, the humanity and most importantly the result. By far the best example of parenting I have ever seen.

    1. There are certain issues with giving weed to a small child.

      I don’t know if this guy is the best dad ever, but he is certainly in the running.

      When I read the headline, it sounded downright monsterous…I was thinking that he installed laser beam eyes or something.

  2. This story really hits home. I have a 13 month old son with Down Syndrome. Part of his therapy has been on a motorized treadmill that I made for him from a manual treadmill, a drill and a foot pedal. He’s been doing great with it and will hopefully be walking within a few month. I don’t see many other people out there doing stuff like this but I would love to see more. (I hope to put mine up on instructables soon too)

  3. I like this machine that Jorge has developed and I hope that he gets funding and starts making more. I especially like the way it encourages the child to develop appropriate foot movement for walking. Most CP kids tend to “toe walk” which is not conducive to developing a good gait. Right now most CP children are trained with braces and Rifton Gait Trainers (I think these were developed by the Amish). I think that using both systems would be helpful for students with CP. Wish that there was more money available to worthwhile start up companies like Jorge’s.

  4. This is epic! As someone who has grown up with CP, I admire this guy and what he has accomplished for his son and allowed his son to accomplish. Hats off and greatest respects to you.

    Also, I find the community reaction amazing and wonderful as well. I agree with a previous poster, definite boost to faith in humanity.

  5. Great reading all these parents using technology and hacking to better the lives of their offspring.

    Really brings a tear to my eyes to see your kid play golf Jorge. I know building this is worth every second, keep up the good work.

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