Weekly Roundup 3/3/11

In case you missed them the first time, here are our most popular posts from the past week:

In first place is a post about a video by [Rear Admiral Grace Hopper] where she talks about how to visualize a nanosecond using a piece of copper wire.

Coming in at second is one that we are pretty excited about here at HAD. The Raspberry Pi has finally launched! For those of you who haven’t been following its progress, this is a small (roughly the size of a credit card) Linux computer that costs only $35 for the better model! We can think of all sorts of things that we would like to use them for but alas, even we can’t get our grubby hands on them quite yet since they are already completely sold out.

Next we have a weather station for the virtual weather within Minecraft. This project uses a small LCD and an Arduino to tell you if you need to be wearing your virtual raincoat.

If you have been looking for a way to anodize titanium at home instead of sending out your parts to a service, here is a post for you.

Finally, we finish up with a post that we like a lot. It is about three remote controlled ‘airplanes’ that were flown near the Brooklyn Bridge that look a lot like people when seen from a distance.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 3/3/11

  1. Got an email from element14 saying we could order Raspberry Pis again so I went ahead and ordered 2. At first it said one would ship on the 5th and the other in April, but then it just said 2 would ship on the fifth. Crossing my fingers. Ordered 2 in case my co-workers aren’

  2. My keyboard or computer freaked out.. to finish what I was saying above: I ordered 2 in case my co-workers aren’t on the ball and missed out on this likely very short window.

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