Badges? We Don’t Need No Stinking Badges!

In a an obvious marketing move akin to a drug dealer offering up free samples, Urban threads is offering free badge plans for hackerspaces that have robotic embroidery machines. We’ve seen this trend of badges coming up lately and we don’t know if it is the boy/girl scout in us, or the punk rocker that makes us pine for them. You may laugh, but look at that skull with the welding goggles on. If you don’t think that’s badass… then we disagree.

The idea of giving some away free isn’t new. You can download free photoshop brushes, free fonts, free circuits and all kinds of other free stuff from sites that sell better versions as well. We just couldn’t pass up the chance to point out that skull, and helping out hackerspaces is always good in our eyes. So, who has one of those embroidery machines?

5 thoughts on “Badges? We Don’t Need No Stinking Badges!

  1. My sister has one of those embroidery machines. She made me towels with Homer on them and my initials, which is far more legitimate than most merit badges lol. I think they are pointless but I am also an Eagle Scout that doesn’t attend hacker conventions, so perhaps my insight is pointless.
    I would honestly cringe if I had to hang out with an adult that was skyping whilst swinging their Manhattan Portage bag around with a “Neutral Milk Hotel Raped Neitzche” button pin and a merit badge that says they are a “hacker” lol. I think these badges would have fit in better in the JNCOs and The Matrix screen savers ;)
    i keed because i love you guys

  2. Yea, but none of the items in the montage here show up under the free stuff tab at urbanthreads. In the event $3 or $7 get you the file your machine can use to crank out the green goggle wearing skull, that should break the bank. Not that I would complain. In the event it would you probably couldn’t afford the materials to make them anyway.

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