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Like everyone else, we’re scattered all over the web. We would be silly not to be getting our information out there in as many ways as we can manage. We promise that the site always comes first, but you can also find us on Facebook, G+ (yes, we’re approved this time), twitter, and we even have a flickr group where people post pictures of their projects!

We’ve got some stuff planned for the near future that we’re excited about too.

1.We’re working behind the scenes to bring out a new template for the site. This will allow us to clean things up a bit and hopefully make browsing a little easier (searching too!). Don’t worry, we’re not changing the logo.

2.We are also planning on starting some “show and tell” sessions on G+. We love what Adafruit has been doing with theirs, and we’re hoping to join in on the fun. We realize some of you are opposed to g+, so feel free to offer other solutions to do the show and tell, we would be happy to hear them. They will be recorded and linked on the site here, so you can follow along even if you can’t join.

3.We’re bringing back the store! This time, however, we’ll have a full spread of stuff. We’re not making it in our garages anymore. For now, it will be clothing and accessories, but we’re considering doing some electronics and tools in the near future as well.

The writers are also very busy with things on the web. We’re not always locked to our keyboards slaving away. If you want to be able to follow along with us, you can find our information after the break.

Mike Szczys
Twitter: @szczys

Mike Nathan
Site: Geek-republic.com
Twiter: @mikenathan_
g+: here

Brian Benchoff
site: brianbenchoff.wordpress.com/

Adam Munich
Site: teravolt.org
twitter: @adammunich

Jeremy Cook
Site: jcopro.net/
Twitter: @JeremySCook

Jesse Congdon
Facebook: JWCongdon

Caleb Kraft
site: calebkraft.com
Facebook: caleb.kraft
g+: here

16 thoughts on “Hackaday Around The Web And Into The Future

  1. No please do not do spread to G+ and twitter that is just following the trend.
    When you spread the information it just gets harder to find it.
    Also even if you post the things to public on G+ we are still left with all of googles cookie shit. I like your site how it is, feel free to change the layout. But please do not outsurce to other comercial publishing websites.
    If you really want to go social why don’t you support Diaspora. A hackaday themed pod would be great!



    1. The information won’t be harder to find because it all comes here to our main site. We do, however, have people on Facebook, g+, and twitter that like us to push our stories out there too. It seems like you’re worried about what we will do in the future, it should be pointed out that we have already been doing the Facebook/twitter thing for a long time.

      I tried diaspora for a short while but found very few people there. has it grown?

  2. I’m seriously not trying to be negative, but following adafruit on G+ is very trying on the nerves and patience. The signal to noise ratio is beyond horrible, so I’m really hoping that’s not what hackaday is aspiring to. If they would only document *what* it is they are linking to half of the time, it would be a good improvement, imho. Quality over quantity – that’s all I’m trying to say here.

    1. it does seem like everyones trying to gain business by posting posts of the same stories over and over, i ended up removing most of my G+ company/sites since it’d be the same link posted and reposted by everyone and then everyone else sharing that.

      so it ends up just being a massive commercial for one or two companies, it gets really bad when the companies attract the fanboi’ish mentalities.

      But i like HAD they’re always good to our space’s articles. tough problem to solve.

  3. My assumption is that hackaday was created to spread the gospel of hardware hacking, in the event that’s true it only makes sense that Hackaday expands it’s web presence to where people hang out. Current hackaday visitors can choose not to participate,please don’t allow the prepuces of others guide your decisions.Only one commenter so far made their case in suggesting no whil IMO it was weak they made the effort. In that weeks go by without my logging on to Facebook, I’m not the typical user of Facebook. Many use Facebook as a one stop shopping center for there regular web haunts and my guess that include regular visitors to hackaday. While I have a twitter account I’d be unlikely to follow hackaday, because all I have is a dumb phone, and no data plan Besides I have never seen a time sensitive post to hackaday. Don’t know a thing about google+, but I don’t see myself using it, unless that’s the only way I could get content I desire. Don’t let the naysayers dissuade you from using all the web resource you wish, as long as hackaday.com remains their experience remains unchanged. In the event it bugs me that I see at facebook what I see at hackaday.com I could unlike hackaday a As far as any changes to the page template accessibility should be kept in mind. Unfortunately for some hackday visitors black text on white is accepted as serving most of those with vision difficulties best. I’m not one for change for the sake of change.INMO the fact a page has remain unchanged for x amount years shouldn’t be reason to implement change that has purpose. Some webpages have an option to change the font size. Yes I know about control+ and control-, but sometimes using the option included on a webpage seems to work better for some reason

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