[Engineerguy] Explains How A CCD Works

[Bill] is back with another fantastic video explaining a piece of intriguing hardware. This time, he’s explaining how a CCD works. For many of us, these things are part of our daily life, but aside from the fact that they capture an image, we don’t put much thought into them. [Bill]  breaks things down in a way that we really enjoy. Fast paced and detailed, yet simple enough for even non-engineers to follow. This time, however, he’s also promoting his companion book which includes tons more information, not only on the construction and function of these ideas, but the underlying scientific principles.

The book, called Eight Amazing Engineering Stories, covers the following items:

  • Digital camera imagers
  • tiny accelerometers
  • atomic clocks
  • enriched uranium
  • batteries
  • microwave ovens
  • lasers
  • anodized metals

We’re excited about the book and it looks like they’ve worked really hard to deliver a quality product. Great job guys.

11 thoughts on “[Engineerguy] Explains How A CCD Works

  1. That’s so funny – my dad and I were just talking about how exactly CCDs read out. Now I just need to find a video that explains how pick-up tubes worked as neither of us had the foggiest idea about that.

    1. Look up Philo T. Farnsworth, the inventor of the “image dissector” tube and photomultiplication which made the tube sensitive enough to work with normal light levels.

      Farnsworth invented the first all electronic means of television from camera to receiver. Other inventors made television systems before, but they were partly mechanical, low resolution and had many problems.

      See farnovision.com

  2. Very limited information which is not correct for consumer cameras at all I understand (if you already ignore it’s all CMOS these days) since they don’t use full frame CCD’s which he describes.
    And how you get color is also misrepresented I think.

    Plus it has too much advertisement in my view.

    All in all it’s not as good as the other stuff I’ve seen from him.

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