Standalone USB Temperature Logger

[Jean] wrote in eager to share his latest project, a standalone temperature logger with USB connectivity. Back in November, [Jean] found himself wanting a temperature logger that was roughly the size of a USB memory stick. What he found on the market was not quite adequate in terms of price or size, so he decided to design his own. His would be the size he wanted and wouldn’t require any software or drivers to run. You simply plug it in, edit the configuration text file to set your intervals, and off you go!

You can follow along through the entire design and fabrication on his site. He’s really great about discussing why he made each decision and how he resolved any errors he ran into. You can download the schematics and source code on his site.

13 thoughts on “Standalone USB Temperature Logger

  1. I can see the way he handles the filesystem being used in many other applications. For example write a bootloader that reads the program from the storage, or even interpreted code, each time it reboots. Combined with some motors, wheels, small CD cells etc you have an easily programmed robot.

    Hell lets start a kickstarter for this right now

    1. Those Dallas DS1921G Thermochron buttons are like $25 USD each in unit quantity. Then the little iButton cases for them (P/N DS9107) are around $33 bucks each! Man, I knew Maxim was expensive, but that’s nuts.

      1. Great project, very impessive, I don’t want to take anything away from this

        I’ve used the Dallas thermochrons many times, without a failure. They’re tiny, in a robust stainless can, and zero labour, and can be bought from $22 for 1-off

        How many hours would it take to build and program one of these, and house it in a case ? By that time the Dallas option will be cheaper for sure.

        But once again, awesome project and well done to Jean

  2. I have four Escort MI-ST-D-2-L temp loggers free plus shipping cost. Batteries included. Send me an e-mail to g_alan_e at yahoo dot com if you want them.

    Three have been used, one has not. I haven’t found a way to reset them. If they can’t be hacked, the cases would be useful. Very rugged with a built in barrery holder, hanging loop and female DE9 port on the back. Software for them is free from Escort.

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