Hackaday RBC Team Finished!

Our Project: “Minotaur’s Revenge”

We built two giant marble mazes. The maze itself is all mechanical, with a 2 person team controlling x and y axis. The fun happens though when you hit buttons to activate magnets and traps on the other team’s table.

Check out the Live Stream. Nothing is happening at the moment, but a couple of dedicated Hackaday fans are checking out an empty couch. We have a very strange readership.

[sonofabit] recorded the last 8 hours of the build at 1fps and made a time lapse video. It’s an hour long, and we thank [sonofabit]’s CPU for all its hard work. You can also check out the video after the break.

Rules of the contest as announced via Live Stream at 8:20pm Central Time on 7/18/12:

-Develop a game

-This must be a physical tangible game (not just a video game made from code)

-It must function like a game (there must be a way to win)

-The game must be safe and must be playable so the public can use it-Physical constraint: Must be able to be crated (8’x7.5’x7.5′) and must weigh under 2000 lbs.

Summary of 7/19:

We gathered, got our topic, made a shopping list and preceded to slack the rest of the night.

There was a fire breather, then lots of whiskey. At one point we pulled the red bull cannon out and shot things with it.

Summary of 7/20:

Decided what to build and bought supplies. General carpentry took the entire day. [Andrew Mitzel] and [Shawn McKee] pretty much did all the work while the rest of us ate food and watched fire breathers and graffiti artists. Here’s a pic of what they created (click to embiggen):

Summary of 7/21:

We split into teams for tasks. [Phil], [Ryan], and [Scott] set out to design the puzzle itself. [Shawn], and [Brian] built up the electronics. [Andrew] kept kicking ass at general construction. We barely made it, but it was done by the deadline.

[sonofabit]’s time lapse video:


28 thoughts on “Hackaday RBC Team Finished!

  1. Human Portal game, holes in ground opened up by placing boxes (predcided peopel) on pad

    weight of person will make the pad open up 2 ‘portals’ (holes in ground connected with tubing and air rushing through it)

    must get ball from point ‘a’ to point ‘b’ (add in useless holes and certain points where people cant access [electric shock?])

    1. Really difficult to *crate* holes in the ground :) Reads to me as Red Bull wants the finished contest entries to be as easily, and inexpensively as possible to transport/ship. I hadn’t read the contest terms, but this in a red bull promotion foremost, with a bit of left overs for the hackers participating. My guess they want to use the winning entries wherever Red Bull is promoting it’s product. Not that I’m saying there’s anything wrong with it all.

  2. If you mean Lori, holler from the manfred man days.
    However, the odds are it’s not the weird girl, but if it is, have a free flashback to Kenny Everett after school, captain crunch and lightning bugs.

  3. Been enjoying you guys live for over four hours now & have to say the Red Bull Horns have been a massive win. Also enjoyed the live shots out of the cannon downstairs! Much <3!


  4. Today over the last twelve+ hours I’ve learned two things; 1.) Shawn has amazing control over the elements, specifically lightning powers. Having been struck five times directly he can comment on how he was Lord Raiden & Mortal Kombat was nothing but a spoof of his life. 2.) Badass Bandana Man is in every frame from start to finish of this build. He never stops, he never speaks, he is the truth. All of us in the live feed only want to know one thing… how do we buy Badass Bandana Man bobble heads & tshirts.


  5. Now that the event is basically over for the weekend I just want to say that I’ve had a blast over the last 72 hours. $150 bucks worth of food, brews, & redbull later sleep is definitely needed but that was hands down the best time I’ve had with HaD/SF in a long time. Excellent community efforts & interaction with all the events from; firing redbull cans, tea parties, ufo landings, batman showing up, moving boxes, Lord Raiden’s lightning stories, snake crawling around, tank girl, & all I’m forgetting in my tiredness. Badass Bandana Man t-shirts & bobble heads! Don’t forget them!



  6. Just wanted to say you guys did an awesome job in the respect of the build as well as entertaining us all, during the competition. We, your following, thank you. It’s rare that I find something that captures my interest for a 72 hr period. You guys pulled it off quite nicely. Your interaction with us as well as the project is what made the entire experience. TYVM

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