Ginormous Ultimaker Can Print Slightly Smaller Ultimakers

[bwattendorf] showed off his Gigimaker, a huge version of a Ultimaker at the Maker Faire this weekend.

It’s got a print area 2.5 feet square and 3.5 feet high. Currently, the team is using the machine to print off parts for smaller desktop-sized 3D printers, but theoretically this printer could be used to print life-sized companion cubes or full sized [Nefertiti] busts.

If you’d like to build your own giant Ultimaker, grab a few sheets of plywood and grab the git repo for the Gigimaker.

14 thoughts on “Ginormous Ultimaker Can Print Slightly Smaller Ultimakers

      The Ultimaker is faster, smaller, larger build volume and produces the same (or better) quality then the Replicator. Even before the first Replicator was released.
      There are 3 differences, dual extrusion (which has it’s own set of problems), the Replicator comes pre-assembled. And Makerbot has a huge marketing machine running right now. While the Ultimaker does little marketing. (This huge Ultimaker is not from Ultimaker company for example)

      Ultimaker is sponsoring the KamerMaker, which was featured on Hackaday, and is the largest Ultimaker yet. And that IS the size of a small car garage.

      1. Ultimaker is similarly closed source, or, more correctly, “fake open”, where the missing bits (part numbers, CAD designs, suppliers of extruder parts) are the secret sauce to getting it working.

    1. Not sure which software you mean. But on the KamerMaker project we have been using Cura 12.08 and the packaged PrintRun. Worked fine with 2×2 meter size. Slicing takes a while. But it does work.

    1. Indeed, I checked the UM+ at Ultimaker today, it’s a normal Ultimaker scaled up in the Z to 100mm. But the Z axes are not strong enough then and there is a lot of flex sideways in the platform because of that.

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