Hackaday Links November 22nd 2012

HDD Grinder


As [unicorn] described it, “this is no big thing.”  We would agree, but a grinder made from a hard disk drive at least deserves to be in a [HAD] links post. Here’s the original source.

The No-Video Game


What do you get when take [Sub Hunt] and take away the ability to see what you’re playing with? The No-Video Game is what [Sean] at [Hive76] came up with. Thanks [Kyle] for writing in to tell us about it!

SD Card Hack ‘N Slash


[Paul] wrote in to tell us about his friend [Ahmad’s] discovery that you can cut a standard SD card in two and still have it function. Sure, some people know this, but we’d be willing to bet most don’t. In the pictures provided, it makes for a nice upgrade to the Raspberry Pi’s form factor.

FM Transmitter for FPGA


[Hamster] wrote in to tell us about how he added an FM tranmitter to his field programmable gate array project. Check out the wiki for the code to do this with, or this Youtube video to see it in action!

Brute Force Hack a Garmin GPS


Although there’s only a Youtube video to describe this hack, it’s really worth seeing.  Some people might go with a pure electrical method to open up their Garmin GPS, but why do that when you can “just” create an array of fingers to do it for you! Thanks [David] for the tip!

20 thoughts on “Hackaday Links November 22nd 2012

    1. Not all SD cards have all the electronic gubbins just under the connection pads, I used to have an 8gb SDHC card which accidentally got snapped in half and was ruined because the circuit covered the entire area.

    2. I’ve had some luck in the past using a spudger to pry open the “shell” of the SD card. This is usually easiest if you try it from the side opposite the pin connections. The worst thing that could happen is you’d have to use some super glue or some very small dabs of hot glue to get it back together again.

  1. Does anyone still have RS-MMC cards? I got a 2GB version, bought for an ancient mobil phone. It is basically a shortened SD-card with some extra conctacts. Perfect for the RPI, but unfortunately not available with higher capacities.

  2. re: cutting SD cards

    Wow, I can’t imagine what I’ll do with all those saved 2 cm’s.

    No really, I don’t get what such a tiny amount of saved space brings to the project.

    If space is really tight, use a micro-sd card.

  3. for the sd card i used to do this allot but wow they have gotten far smaller than what they used to!!!

    and for the GPS password thing … you can do the “secret” reset or crack her open and dump the eeprom XD or erase the eeprom! … its stored in plain text! (ascii)

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