Introducing The Deconstruction: A Collaborative Experiment


The goal of The Deconstruction is to bring people together (physically and digitally) to share ideas, collaborate, create, problem solve, and have a good time.   The event is open to anyone, anywhere, of any age and skill level.

If you enjoy a bit of good competition and feel like taking on a little bit of a challenge, you should definitely check out The Deconstruction. This event pits a bunch of teams from all over the place against each other in a timed hack-a-thon.  The whole time they are building their project, they’re broadcasting live using their webcams too.

If this brings to mind the Red Bull Creation contest, it is because the root idea is from the same guy [Jason Naumoff], but this is NOT a RedBull thing. When I met with him last year in New York, he clued me in that he was working on something much more open ended and inclusive.  The Deconstruction is that thing. He explained that they’re really hoping to reach out to families, clubs, and high school groups as well as the usual hackerspaces.

Join up, make something cool, have fun.

12 thoughts on “Introducing The Deconstruction: A Collaborative Experiment

    1. This is NOT sponsored by Red Bull! Jason, the bringer of Red Bull Creation craziness, is a great guy who really wants everyone to learn and enjoy themselves while building a better future!

      This Deconstruction competition is a result of his years of learning from the Red Bull competitions, there are prizes for many things, even Team Names, This way more people share the awesomeness of winning and more importantly of participating in epic build-a-thons. I suggest everyone participate, North Street Labs wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for the efforts from Jason, Tyler, Alicia and so many more to bring people together for fun and inventing.

      Seriously, I know I might sound gay and over supportive, but you guys should be trusting Jason more than most Hackaday celebrities – because those same celebs will vouche for Jason.

  1. Hey All. This particular event actually isn’t sponsored by anyone. It’s non-commercial, and being setup as a non-profit. We’re just doing it for the sake of doing it.

    The on-line streaming event format is a cool way to bring people together. We’re really into it. It’s also seriously fun to put together…kind of like throwing a weird 48 hour internet party. Our crew fully participates in the event as well, basically stays up the entire time, etc.

    This one is really an experiment. We’re hoping to make it a self-generating project, where the results of this event heavily influence the topic/ direction of the next event, and so on. In addition, we’d eventually like to do a Deconstruction specifically for High Schools, but that’s a bit down the road.

    We’ve got about 15 teams participating so far, would love to have more. Please email if you have questions, or can answer in the comments.

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