Programming In 3D With 3DPL


Here’s an interesting tool for making simple 3D games. It’s called 3DPL, the 3D programming language, and it’s a real-time interpreted language that allows you to create cubes and other primitives that respond to user input and internal logic. Not only that, but you can build 3D versions of breakout and asteroids very simply with only a few lines of code.

3DPL is based on Unity with a lot of JavaScript influences. Building a cube in 3DPL is as simple as declaring it with a name and position in 3D space. There are a few functions that can be applied to these cubes – they can be made to rotate at the press of a key, or translated in space to collide with each other.

It’s still a very early build, but looks to be pretty interesting for an ‘introduction to 3D graphics programming’ perspective. You can grab a copy of 3DPL to try out over on [amigojapan]’s github. Hopefully we’ll see a gravity method soon for a proper 3DPL Tetris implementation.

17 thoughts on “Programming In 3D With 3DPL

  1. This is very very similar to Second Life (open source ‘open sim’ also available) where you are an avatar and create objects with advanced scripts to do things (real time 3D). Check it out if this kind of thing interests you (we had to do it for uni)

    1. Sadly these sorts of things are a dime a dozen. The time spent learning them would be much better spent learning an actual programming language and 3D API. There are plenty of helper libraries out there for every language that make easing into a 3D API possible.

    2. I guess you might miss the fun the author had to write this and the massive amount he learned during creating this. Many of those kind of projects, are created during a self study session. Some of them might not be as useful from a end-user perspective, however, making them public is a nice act and might help someone to get inspired to create there own stuff or to dive into the topic

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