RF Switching Module Can Learn New Remotes


This breadboarded circuit is [Sergio’s] solution to controlling appliances wirelessly. Specifically he wanted a way to turn his pool pump on and off from inside the house. Since he had most of the parts on hand he decided to build a solution himself. What he ended up with is an RF base station that can learn to take commands from different remote devices.

The main components include the solid state relay at the bottom of the image. This lets the ATtiny13 switch mains voltage appliances. The microcontroller (on the copper clad square at the center of the breadboard) interfaces with the green radio frequency board to its left. On the right is a single leaf switch. This acts as the input. A quick click will toggle the relay, but a three-second press puts the device in learning mode. [Sergio] can then press a button on an RF remote and the device will store the received code in EEPROM. As you can see in the clip after the break, he even included a way to forget a remote code.

12 thoughts on “RF Switching Module Can Learn New Remotes

  1. Cool! This would be useful to me, I have like 2 cases of brand new remotes that I got when the cable co I work for switched remotes, they are unbranded and have a label sticker that surrounds the buttons, would be very easy to just print out a label that re marks the buttons for whatever I need..
    Very good idea.

  2. I believe this is a Zero Crossing SSR (I can’t read the Chinese spec, but they seem to follow the Crydom naming convention) I’m sure your pool pump is inductive, so you would need a Random Turn On relay, otherwise you’ll have malfunctions.

    I could completely be wrong about all of this, though.

    1. I can’t read Chinese too, but I didn’t knew there were different SSR’s for resistive and inductive loads. This one is meant for 25 amps, and my pump only draws about 4. That may help it to withstand the inductive-sort-of-things mayhem. I hope you are wrong and nothing blows!

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